Suri Cruise’s tears before bedtime

Katie Holmes risk tantrum by taking ice-cream away from her daughter


Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri were snapped enjoying an evening out together in New York last night, which, unfortunately, ended in tears, according to the Daily Mail.


Tom Cruise’s leading ladies had gone out for pizza, perhaps to celebrate Katie’s recent return from China, while dad Tom continues to work on his latest film, Oblivion.

All was going well until Katie appears to take Suri’s ice-cream away from her as they’re walking home after the meal. Suri then appears to throw a tantrum and start crying in protest.

Without knowing the details, we’re tempted to say, good for Katie. We’ve all been there with tired children and know just how it feels.

Suri was snapped being carried by Tom recently after another late night at an awards ceremony. It’s tough when you’re only 6!

Meanwhile, David Beckham said on BBC’s Newsround recently that he and Victoria are also quite strict are their children, making them earn their pocket money by doing household chores.

Good to see!

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