1. BMW xDrive Baby Boots

BMW has found a unique way to stop your toddler ever falling over. Oh yes.


The new xDrive Baby Boots ensure children under 3 are able to hold their balance by keeping an even weight distribution, with soles that react within a tenth of a second to varying surfaces and conditions.

The car manufacturer has used innovative technology to create perfect traction for more secure toddling around corners.

Joss Fülin, Head of, erm, Product Fabrication, spoke about the latest lifestyle addition. “BMW entered the all-wheel drive segment more than 3 decades ago, and although this specific technology is still in its infancy, we see potential in the baby footwear category as a growing segment.

"The BMW xDrive Baby Boots provide the perfect combination of practicality and maximum walking pleasure.”

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Also available in pink.

2. ThinkGeek sensory VR


Are you or your children into Virtual Reality gaming?

ThinkGeek has provided an accompaniment to your VR headset, which promises to make your VR even more… realistic?

This device can spray you with water, emit smells and even punch you with a cat paw if that's your thing. Something that is sadly missing from the gaming experience as it currently exists.

3. Baby Throne


As we know, babies and toddlers are messy eaters and meal times are usually followed with a clean-up operation - wiping down both child and chair.

But no longer, thanks to the baby throne, a 3-in-1 baby highchair designed for modern day living.

Simply plonk your baby/toddler in the chair for dinner then, when they are finished, move infant and chair into the shower and hose them down together.

It also promises to reduce bathtime back and knee pain for parents.

4. Virgin Active Personal Trainers

Struggling to lose your baby weight?

Struggle no longer. Virgin Active has designed a new range of trainers, which calculate how many calories you've burnt in a day as well as providing a projector with over 100 workouts for you to keep burning off those extra fish fingers and toddler biscuits.

To ensure maximum commitment to your workout, the laces cannot be untied until you've burnt 2000 calories.

Well, when there's no pain...

5. Smallfry Bolt sensory system


Bolt is a safety system designed to stop curious children getting their hands on dangerous kitchen objects, such as knives or bleach.

Innovation design company, Smallfry, has invented Bolt, a sensory system for drawers and cupboards, which locks them shut as your child gets close. That's right. Child approaching - door locks.

Ah, you may say, but what happens if your child is near the drawer you want to open? Then you override the locks with a little parent hub mounted on the worktop.

It works by sensing your child through a sticker. It's a sticker that contains a Radio Frequency Identification chip that you iron onto your child's clothes. And don't we all love ironing...

6. Duolingo Pillow


If your children are learning a foreign language, they'll probably know about the Duolingo app.

But now, language-learning service Duolingo has found a way for you or your child to become bilingual overnight.

Its new pillow (at a very reasonable price of $99) promises to teach you a new language whilst you sleep, guaranteeing fluency by sunrise.


What's real and what's an April Fool?

1. BMW xDrive Baby Boots - April Fool

2. ThinkGeek sensory VR - April Fool (Doh!)

3. Baby Throne - Real invention and finalist in the Baby Products Association 2016 Concept and Innovation awards. Will be launched soon.

4. Virgin Active Personal Trainers - April Fool (Great idea apart from not being able to take them off until you've burnt those cals)

5. Smallfry Bolt sensory system - Real invention but do we really need it?

6. Duolingo Pillow - April Fool, if only...

Credit- Twitter/BMW, Twitter/VirginActive, ThinkGeek, Duolingo

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