The Sam Faiers pregnancy meme we can REALLY relate to

Did you experience the same thing when you were expecting?


Celebs – they’re just like us. Well, at least when it comes to pregnancy.


Because the highs and lows of expecting do not discriminate between those of us who are famous, and the rest of us mere mortals.

Reality star Sam Faiers is currently 27 weeks pregnant. She’s a celeb, so of course she looks radiant.

But even she’s finding herself stuck for something nice to wear that actually fits, as proven by this meme she shared on Instagram…

sam faiers meme

It reads: “Look at all the cute clothes… I can’t wear because I’m pregnant”, alongside a still of Julie Andrews merrily skipping through the Austrian hills in The Sound Of Music.

And she wrote beside it: “This is me at the moment ??‍? Browsing all the gorgeous new winter pieces ?”


Honestly, when we saw this, we were practically singing ‘yesssssss’ because we remember this feeling all too well.

Maternity clothes that fit, feel good, and look fashionable are hard to come by, aren’t they?

Sam’s bestie Luisa Zissman said it best when she wrote on social media: “Why are all maternity clothes so mumsy?

“Just because I’m pregnant does not mean I suddenly want to start dressing like I’m 100!!”

So, it can be a little ??? looking through your pre-bump tees and jeans, or browsing dresses that would be near-enough impossible to hike over your 3rd trimester tum.

Some of team MFM felt the way Sam does particularly when it came time to attend an event or a friend’s party, and found themselves stuck for an on-trend outfit that flattered bump and made them feel fabulous.

We know there are bigger fish to fry, but it’s always nice to feel good in what you’re wearing, right?

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Were you missing your pre-pregnancy wardrobe when you were expecting – or were clothes the last thing on your mind? How did you feel about maternity clothing options for day time and night time?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on pregnancy, clothes and fashion in the comments below, or over on Facebook!

Images: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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