We don't know about you - but here at MFM HQ this pic gave us all a bit of a fluttery tummy when we first saw it ?


Before you go panicking about this little one's welfare though - don't worry, it's all been done with camera trickery by dad Stephen Crowley, and for a very good cause, too.

You see, the little girl in these photographs, Hannah, has Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, a rare and life-threatening immune system condition.

And while Stephen originally composed the pics of Hannah in various daredevil scenarios to scare family and friends, they were so popular he's now using them to try and encourage the public to sign up to bone marrow donation.

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Stephen, from Dublin, explains:

"Treatment [for Hannah] was 12 weeks of chemotherapy, steroids and immuno-suppressants, all in isolation, followed by a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated anonymous donor.


"The transplant cured HLH, although she may have some health issues as a result of the transplant.

"The more people on the register, the more likely that those who need a transplant can find a good match and, in turn, have a better chance of overcoming serious illnesses."


We have to say, we reckon Stephen's photo editing skills are second to none - and we really hope these images have assisted in the search to find donors to help other people, like little Hannah, who need bone marrow transplants ?

Find out more about becoming a donor by visiting the Anthony Nolan website.

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