Tom Fletcher: ‘Everyone needs to be aware of what they say to women after pregnancy’

The McFly star has some pretty good advice for post-baby body-shamers…


Tom Fletcher’s one of the most popular celeb dads around – and his recent Celeb Dad Of The Year award win only goes to prove it.


So we hope that everyone heeds his excellent advice about how to handle pre-baby and post-baby body shaming.

It’s an especially big issue for Tom – whose wife Giovanna faced some uncalled for comments about her post-pregnancy figure just 11 days after giving birth from one of his fans.

The mum-of-two was also slammed for ‘looking frumpy’ just four months after having a baby. 

“It was kind of bizarre,” Tom told the MailOnline of the encounter. “It’s totally different for a guy.”

“What a woman goes through during pregnancy and afterwards… it’s an extreme thing that happens to your body and something that’s incredible and completely natural and beautiful.

“If that stuff [body-shaming] happens to someone in a bad place it can be extremely damaging.

“I think everyone needs to be more aware of what they say and how they act around women during and after pregnancy.”

Yes, Tom. So. Much. This! ?

Tom also reckons the glare of the spotlight means he can sympathise with what Giovanna might’ve been experiencing:

“I’m totally aware of feeling sensitive and aware of your body and how you look. I have been in the public eye since I was 17.

“If you’re not feeling comfortable with how you look, it can be difficult.”

We’re definitely on board with Tom’s idea – and would generally encourage being kind and sensitive.

Should go without saying, really ?

After all, adjusting to new motherhood is a pretty time-consuming experience. Rude people trying to make us worry about our mumtums is the last thing we need ?

Images: Instagram/Tom Fletcher

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