You want your baby to sleep a little longer in the pram, but the minute you stop pushing, as if by magic - baby wakes up. So, how do you prolong their nap, giving them extra snooze time, and you a few extra moments to get things done.


Five of our mums have tested the new Rockit Rocker (£39.99) - an innovative product that attaches to your pram and uses a gentle rocking motion to safely soothe your baby, even when you stop moving.

Watch the Rockit Rocker in action here

With a quiet motor and 60 hours of battery life from one set of batteries (when used on its lowest speed), this could mean peace and quiet for both you and your baby.

Attach it to your pram or pushchair with a universal bracket, push the button, adjust the speed - and off you go.

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You can buy the Rockit Rocker from John Lewis, Amazon, and Precious Little One.

Find out how our five testers got on with the Rockit Rocker...


Does the Rockit Rocker work for your baby?

"Kit is known for having cat naps. I spend ages trying to get him off to sleep, only for him to wake up after 10 to15 minutes, ready to play. The Rockit did actually help. When he fell asleep in his buggy, it prolonged his naps to nearer 30-45 minutes - and those precious extra moments were much appreciated." Wishing30

"The Rockit Rocker really does work to keep my baby asleep, who usually wakes as soon as we stop moving." Kazaone

"Although I think the Rockit Rocker is expensive, it has been invaluable when out and about and I need a little more time to finish my chores." Bubbamumma1

"Yes! My baby slept for longer than if I hadn't attached it, that’s for sure!" Boots409

"Used on the bouncer seat, it sent her to sleep and kept her asleep - which is a miracle!" MilliesMummyx

How easy was the Rocker Rockit to attach and use?

"I found it very easy to attach and use. The video link made it clear what had to be done, and the sliding clip made it simple to attach and remove." Wishing30

"I like that it's a one-size-fits-all. The band is great as it’s easy to put on and off, and tighten." MilliesMummyx

"The Rockit was really easy to attach to the pram. We have a Silver Cross Pioneer. I like that you can leave the bracket in place and attach the Rockit with ease - clicking it on when needed." Bubbamumma1

"It was very easy to attach and take off. I’ve been leaving the Rockit by the front door, ready to attach the moment I get home. It's easy to use too - just turn the dial." Boots409

Would you recommend the Rockit Rocker?

"I have already recommended it to a friend who rocks her one year-old to sleep for every nap." Bubbamumma1

"Yes, I would certainly recommend it to a friend and I will be using it again - and again!" Boots409

"I would recommend it to a friend if, like us, they have a light sleeper. The Rockit isn’t something I would use all the time, but I certainly find it handy to have in the bottom of the buggy for those times when my son falls asleep in the buggy, while out on a walk." Wishing30

"I would recommend it to a friend whose baby wakes up once the pram stops moving, and I will be using it again." Kazaone


Any downsides of the Rockit Rocker?

"I found that even on the strongest vibration it wasn't enough to rock my pram - a Cosatto Giggle 2. I tried it in various different places on the pram chassis to see if this made a difference, but to no avail.

"I did try it on her bouncer chair though, and she slept a dream for 2 hours, so perhaps it just wasn’t a strong enough vibration for my particular pram. It also took a lot of batteries, over the week I used it I had to use two sets of batteries." MilliesMummyx

"For what it is, I do think it is quite expensive (considering it's not an essential as you can rock the pram manually!)" Bubbamumma1

A little on safety:

You shouldn't keep your baby in a seated position for longer than 2 hours, the exception is if you're using a pushchair carrycot or a lie-flat car seat.


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