VIDEO: New Aardman advert warns parents of ‘hidden nasties’ in food

Public health drive launched as politicians call for tighter food content controls


A campaign to help parents make healthy food choices in 2013 was launched last night with a new advert created by Wallace and Gromit animators, Aardman.


The Be food Smart initiative, part of the government’s Change4Life campaign, aims to expose the hidden nasties in everyday foods.

Shockingly, the advert reveals there is over a wine glass of fat in a large pizza and 17 sugar cubes in a bottle of cola, as well as pointing out the salt, fat and sugar content in many family meal staples.

This comes alongside the news that Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has called for tougher regulation on the amount of sugar, salt and fat in our food.

“I think parents need more help to make healthier choices for their children, I include myself here,” he told BBC News.

“A lot of the time people don’t realise just how high in fat, salt and sugar some of these products are, even when you’re trying to make healthier choices.

“The industry needs to show more responsibility and come forward with products that are going to be helpful to parents in making the right choices.”

Change4Life’s New Year healthy eating drive is working alongside major retailers to offer families information, recipes, and money-off vouchers on healthier foods. For more information, visit Change4Life’s official website.


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