Vogue Williams debuts ‘popped’ baby bump after bikini snap backlash

Fans accused her of 'editing' her bump out of photos, but she quickly proved it was all in the angle...


Newly pregnant Vogue Williams has hit back at haters – after fans thought she’d ‘edited away’ her baby bump.


The 32-year-old TV presenter recently announced that she’s expecting her 1st child with Made In Chelsea boyfriend Spencer Matthews.

And though we can’t be 100% sure, she’s said to be due in September 2018, meaning she’ll be approximately 4 months along now (mid April).

So, it seems fans were expecting to see a burgeoning bump in bikini snaps from her sunny 4-day holiday to Crete, in Greece.

When they didn’t, it looks like some left accusatory comments… because Vogue was quick to respond.

In a separate post, she shared a couple of photos taken minutes apart, and proved the power of the bump shot was alllll in the angle.

“These photos were taken within half an hour of each other,” she began in the caption.

“Front on, no bump, side profile – POW – there he is! So glad my bump has finally popped ?

“I never alter my body in any pictures, if you can’t see my bump it’s just because of the angle although I may only take side profile shots from now on!”

Indeed, how you pose for the camera – pregnant or not – can make you look a different size or shape.

Regardless, literally everyone’s bump is different. We all ‘pop’ at different times, some of us show straight away and a lot, while others barely show at all.

And all of those things are perfectly OK ???

Images: Instagram/Vogue Williams

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