Was Rebecca Adlington’s short maternity leave to blame for her marriage split?

The Olympic gold medallist went back to work just 8 weeks after giving birth


Rebecca Adlington has split from her husband Harry Needs after just 18 months of marriage.


The Jump star gave birth to the couple’s first daughter 9 months ago.

In a statement on Rebecca’s website, the couple said: “It’s after much thought and sadness that we confirm our separation. It is on amicable terms and we still remain close friends.

“We move forward with respect for one another and our focus and commitment is on parenting our gorgeous daughter Summer. This will be our only comment on this private matter.”

The couple got married in 2014 and Rebecca fell pregnant on their honeymoon in Venice.

Was going back to work too early the cause of their marriage split?

Retired Olympic swimmer Rebecca, 27, previously admitted that becoming parents had taken its toll on her relationship with Harry, 24.

“Being a parent is bloody hard work and anyone who says it’s easy is flat out lying,” she told Weekend magazine. “Harry and I have had plenty of arguments.”

And as the family breadwinner, Rebecca went back to work just 2 months after giving birth to Summer – while Harry became a student on a graphic design course.

“We’re knackered. A lot of mums have 6 or 8 months off. I had 2 months and had to go back to work,” she said. “That’s what you do when you’re self-employed.

“There have been plenty of times I’ve wanted to say, ‘I want a year off on maternity leave. I want to sit and be with my daughter and just have that time together.’

“But that isn’t a possibility because I’m supporting the family.

“It’s definitely been difficult for us. When you’re tired you take it out on each other. Things come to a head.

“You have an argument – ‘Why haven’t you done that? Why is it fair that I do that?’ It’s one of those things. He’s saying, ‘When do I have time?’ and I’m saying, ‘You have to manage your time.’”

And Becky said she’d think more carefully before having another child.

“But the next time we have a child we’ve got to put a little bit more thought into it.

“We just jumped in and we’re so young. We’re both still so ambitious so we don’t want to lose ourselves just because we’re parents.”

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