Imagine this: you’re visiting somewhere with your child, like a museum or a supermarket. They knock something over, making a mess, perhaps resulting in you paying for the damage.


It’s a pretty awkward moment for any parent, no question.

Now imagine the thing your kid accidentally broke was a LEGO statue worth a reported $15,000 - and it happened in the middle of a public exhibition.

Yep, that's some extreme awkwardness you’d be experiencing.

Well, that’s exactly how the parents of a young Chinese boy must be feeling, after their son inadvertently destroyed a statue of the fox character Nick from the film Zootopia at the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China.

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On the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, Weibo, the artist behind the statue – a man named Zhao – said that the parents were very apologetic, but he declined any form of compensation. After all, it was an accident.

Still, we imagine he was pretty gutted to see the statue all over the floor – especially since it apparently took him 3 days to build, and the statue had only been up in the exhibition for an hour!

On the bright side (well, the brighter side), smartphones exist, so Zhao was able to capture plenty of pics of his impressive masterpiece before its untimely demise.

Tell us – has your child ever knocked anything over that was valuable, irreplaceable or priceless? Let us know on Facebook now.

Images: Weibo/Zhao

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