Hands up if you reckon you've got a classic mum bag? ☝️ ☝️☝️Yep, you know, when, rather than glam lipsticks and gorgeous accessories, it's full of stuff for your children, by your children – and dumped on you from your children...


Hollywood A-lister and mum of 3 Jennifer Garner revealed she definitely has a mum bag in an up-close Instagram post the other day, too ?

In a candid low-fi vid, the star revealed the contents of her backpack, saying: "On today’s episode of “What’s In My Bag?” we explore the depths of my favourite backpack.#ihadsomewine#notcolorcoding#whoneedsageode"

The goodies revealed include:

  • a date book
  • heart stickers
  • loads of pens
  • a honey stirrer
  • a portable mini glow lamp
  • more stickers
  • more pens
  • an index card
  • an empty pen packet
  • a lump of rock


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Here on the MFM team we can definitely relate to Jen's bag, especially the stickers but even – yes even – the rock.

Can you? What's lurking in the depths of your bag? Tell us in the comments below or – better still – show us a pic over on Facebook...

Pic and vid: Jennifer Garner on Instagram

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Tara BreathnachContent Editor and Social Media Producer

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