25 steps to a healthy pregnancy

From cutting out alcohol, to embracing your growing baby bump, here are 25 things to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy


1. Look after your back

Make sure you have good back support if you sit at a desk all day, and if you ever have to lift, always bend from your knees. This is the perfect time to hint for a massage from dad-to-be to ease tension in your shoulders, and follow these top tips for beating pregnancy back pain.

Cut out alcohol

2. Go alcohol free

The jury’s out on whether a small amount of alcohol can harm your unborn baby, but official guidelines say steer clear. Instead of getting the booze blues, try these non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and check out our guide to the best alcohol-free drinks.

Take your folic acid

3. Take folic acid

You need a daily intake of 400mcg of folic acid during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy to help ensure your baby’s spinal cord develops well. As well as taking a supplement, folic acid can be found in foods in your diet.

Ditch the caffeine

4. Drink decaffeinated coffee and tea

Limit your caffeine intake to no more than 200mg a day, as too much caffeine in your system can hinder blood flow to the placenta. To put 200mg in real terms, it’s equivalent to:

  • 2 mugs of instant coffee per day OR
  • 4 cups of tea per day OR
  • 5 cans of cola per day
Step out of your heel

5. Ditch the high heel shoes

The pregnancy hormone relaxin makes your ligaments soften as they get ready for the birth, so your ankles aren’t strong enough to stand up on skyscraper heels. Save them for very special occasions and embrace the flats. Don’t worry about not looking glam without your heels, check out our maternity party fashion special – sans heels!

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