Baby names – the good, bad and strange

Choosing from a list of baby names can be tough. You want to give your new bundle the perfect baby name, but will you go for something modern, traditional or one of the quirkier celebrity names?


Our baby name finder

Check out our baby name finder to give you inspiration on choosing the perfect name for your new baby. Will you call your little girl a popular name like Ruby or Lily or give her an older traditional name, such as Mary? How about a quirky name for your son, with Riley and Logan being a popular choices in the last few years. There’s a name out there for everyone!

Will you copy the Beckham’s baby name choices?

Celebrity style?

Celebrity baby names are sometimes the inspiration of us non-celeb’s, who want to name our child after their child. How do you like Holly Willoughby‘s name choices of Harry and Belle? Spice Girl Emma Bunton went for modern names, Beau and Tate, for her sons, whereas Nicole Richie went very quirky, calling her daughter Harlow Winter and her son Sparrow James Midnight. Will you follow in their footsteps when naming your new baby?

How did Mariah come up with her twins’ names, Moroccan and Monroe?

Why celebrities chose THOSE names

Ever wondered where celebrities get their inspiration from when naming their new babies? From Apple to Sparrow, to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven! We reveal where celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey and Myleene Klass gathered the inspiration for their little ones’ monikers.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ name choice, Suri, isn’t so unique after all!

No so original after all!

All these celebrity baby name choices cause quite a stir, but the chosen names for some of our fave celebrity offspring are actually not so original after all! Find out which names were popular, right back in the 1900’s!

Avoid a naming disaster!

Avoid a name disaster

You want your baby’s name to be perfect. But how can you prevent yourself from choosing the wrong one? Our guide gives you naming tips and advice on how to avoid a baby naming disaster

Check our top 100 baby boy names

Top 100 baby boy names

Check out our top 100 baby boy names – from traditional‘s like Oliver and Alfie, quirky ones such as Ridley or do you like the more modern monikers like Corey, Kai or Morgan?

Here’s our top 100 names for baby girls

Top 100 baby girl names

Do you like the names Holly, Lexie or Eden? Or how about calling your daughter Maya, Imogen or Matilda? Find out what name is most popular with our top 100 baby girl names

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