Childhood obesity begins in the womb

A study has shown that mothers who are overweight during pregnancy are more likely to have babies who suffer from childhood obesity


A study of 105 babies in the womb has revealed a link between overweight pregnant mothers and babies who suffer from childhood obesity.


Researchers at Chelsea and Westminster hospital used MRI scans to find some babies with a similar fat distribution around the abdomen to adults in their 50s.

It reported a connection between overweight pregnant women and increased fat levels of their babies while in the womb.

“This shows how sensitive the baby is to the environment experienced within the womb and how lifelong effects may be initiated before birth,” Professor Neena Modi who led the study told the Daily Mail.

This report follows news last week that almost half of women in the UK of childbearing age are overweight or obese, putting their unborn babies at a higher risk of death or long-term health problems.


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