Dealing with pregnancy symptoms – mums’ top tips

Get advice from the women who know best…other mums and mums-to-be. Here are their best tips…


For keeping cool in pregnancy

“I gave birth to Jack last August, so was at my heaviest in the summer months, and as I had quite a big bump, I really felt the heat. I kept flannels at the back of the fridge and bottles of water in the freezer to use when I got too warm. The flannels were lovely to put on the back of my neck, and the water really refreshed me when I overheated.”


Lorna Richards, 29, from London, mum to Jack, 9 months


For beating pregnancy brain drain

“With a toddler and full time job, I really suffered the dreaded pregnancy brain with my second bump, and started forgetting where my keys and purse were. I put a plastic box on the mantelpiece and made sure I always put my keys, purse and any doctor’s notes in it whenever I arrived home.”

Laura Hall, 39, from Kent, mum to Freddie, 4, and Kieran, 4 weeks

“I lost lots of things when I was pregnant as I was constantly forgetting where I’d left them! I bought myself an ‘everything’ box which I kept on my mantelpiece and I put my keys, debit cards and passport in there. It really helped if I couldn’t find something because I knew where to look.”

Holly Fowler, 20, from Liverpool, mum to Louis, 2, and Isaac, 2 months


For coping with leg cramps

“I’ve been getting cramp in my legs at night, and putting a hot-water bottle wrapped in a towel under my legs eases the pain. If this doesn’t work, I usually wake my partner up to give me a leg massage. He’s very obliging – otherwise I’d be tossing and turning all night!”

Joanna Harris, from Essex, mum to Josie, 3, and 30 weeks pregnant

For coping with wind during pregnancy

“I take Deflatine chalk tablets with me wherever I go, after first checking they’re safe during pregnancy. The pain of trapped wind can be excruciating, but these tablets stop that happening and you can discreetly ease yourself.”

Sarah Briggs, 31, from Essex, mum to Ethan 3½, and 34 weeks pregnant

Eating healthily, doing lots of exercise and avoiding fizzy drinks really helps in keeping wind at bay during pregnancy. Avoiding too much caffeine makes a difference too, but if all else fails, blame it on the dog!”

Bridget Allen, 37, from Mid Glamorgan, mum to Jessica, nearly 7, Philippa, 4, and Tristan, 2


For stopping morning sickness

“I’ve been feeling sick all day long with this pregnancy and the only way I can get around the supermarket without vomiting is to nibble slowly on a dry cracker. I keep a few in a plastic food bag and when I feel I’m about to gag, I have one and can get on with my shopping without throwing up!”

Rhiannon Jones, 32, from Wales, 4 months pregnant

For pregnancy incontinence

“From about 30 weeks my bump was pretty big and I was starting to leak small amounts of wee when I laughed or coughed hard. I didn’t really fancy the embarrassment of buying a special incontinence pad, and actually found a thin panty liner popped into my knickers during the day worked really well. Of course no one noticed and I felt so much more comfortable knowing I had the pad in place.”

Elizabeth Kelly, 33, from Surrey, mum to Katherine, 1 month


For mum-to-be toilet trips

“From the beginning of my second trimester I’ve really suffered with needing frequent trips to the loo, especially at night. I’ve found going for a wee right before bed, even if I’m not desperate, helps. I always make sure I lean forward when I go as it helps empty my bladder fully, and since I’ve started doing this I’m not getting up every night like before.”

Cass Brothers, 33, from Plymouth, 35 weeks pregnant

For pregnancy mood swings 

“Whenever I feel a bit down, stressed or just completely knackered, I put a song on that my husband and I listened to a lot when we were trying to conceive, and it perks me right up. It reminds me that I’m carrying a little person we made together and it lifts my mood completely.”


Stephanie Johnson, 34, from London, 34 weeks pregnant

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