Get organised before birth – 5 weeks to go

Your maternity leave has started but before you put your feet up, ticks a few things off your to-do list first…


Stock your cupboards

If you haven’t got time to cook up batches of food, go through your cupboards and check your levels of staples like rice, pasta and tinned soups. “Make sure you’ve got essentials like toilet roll and washing powder too, as these can be too bulky to carry in the bottom of your buggy when you’re shopping with your baby,” advises health visitor Angela Davy ( “Another good idea to is to buy a cake that can be frozen in slices and defrosted for all those visitors in the first few weeks.”

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Decode your buggy

The last thing you want to do is get tired and stressed trying to figure out how your pram goes up when your baby’s waiting to get into it, so have a trial run. “It may sound silly, but get a teddy bear and practise putting your buggy up, strapping the bear in and taking it out safely and unfolding the buggy,” suggests Angela.


Cyber-sort bills

Take time to set up direct debits and register with online banking so when you’re at home with your new arrival, you can quickly log in and tend to business without having to trek to the bank.


Draft an email

Make a list of your nearest and dearest’s phone numbers and email addresses ready to deliver your big news. Draft a short message leaving spaces for your baby’s name, weight and time of birth so your partner can fill them in quickly and send them out without leaving you for too long. 

How much TV you watch as a parent could impact on the amount of words your toddler speaks.

Mum’s story

“I had under two weeks on maternity leave before my due date and to begin with I spent it sleeping and watching DVDs, which was brilliant as I was so tired from work. I also made sure that our car seat was fitted correctly.”


Linzi Hanscombe, 27, from Surrey, mum to Barny, 11 months

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