How to manage your health after labour

After it was reported that Victoria Beckham is finding recovery hard, here is how to manage yours…


It has been reported that Victoria Beckham, who gave birth to her first daughter in July, has been left weakened by a slipped disk, which supposedly became aggravated, during her C-Section operation.


A source close to Victoria recently told The Daily Mail, that the 37-year-old mum of four was ‘down about the whole thing, as she just wants to be able to play with her daughter like any new mum’. The source also added that she has been in no fit state to diet or exercise.

Rachel Lewis, pharmacist at Lloyds Pharmacy commented “Childbirth puts significant strain on the body, which may result in many mothers suffering from pain after labour. It is crucial that mothers are aware of how best to treat their pain and what pain killers are safe to take, particularly when breastfeeding”.

Pharmacist Rachel’s tips on how mums can manage their health carefully after labour:

1) Don’t try to do everything yourself. If you have friends and family supporting you, there’s nothing wrong with asking them for help so you can rest and help your body recover.

2) Think about your lifting techniques. Many new mums don’t think about how picking up their newborn can impact on their own health. We all know that it’s important to support the baby’s head for their health and safety, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about how best to protect our own health when picking them up. Remember to always bend your knees when lifting and keep your back straight. This will take the strain off your back.

3) If you’re breastfeeding, you may want to invest in a support pillow, so that you’re not sitting in an awkward position for long periods. That way your baby’s head and neck is supported and you’re not straining yourself to hold them up.

4) Bath time, can be quite awkward if you have to bend down to support your baby, which is why you might want to look at bath supports or baby baths.

5) If you have other small children, don’t be tempted to pick up two of them at the same time.

6) In some circumstances a TENS machine, which is a device that produces an electric current to stimulate the nerves, can help to ease minor aches and pains. You can currently purchase a Heated TENS Machine, for a special price of just £9.99, visit Lloyds Pharmacy.


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