Importance of flu jab during pregnancy highlighted by new study

Research shows flu jab in pregnancy could reduce small schizophrenia risk for baby


Women who suffer from the flu during pregnancy may be at increased risk of having a baby who develops schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, says a new study.


Children of women who contracted the flu while pregnancy were four times more likely to develop the mental heath disorder in later life,” reports The BBC.

Researchers studied 814 pregnant women, and their results highlighted a link between flu and schizophrenia.

Women are advised not to be alarmed, as experts said the risks were small and women should not worry.

“The chances are still quite small. I don’t think it should raise alarms for mothers,” said lead researcher Professor Alan Brown.

He advised seasonal flu vaccinations as a way of reducing the chances of catching flu.

This echoes the Government’s message a few months ago urging expectant women to get their winter flu jab sooner rather than later. 

So the message seems to be that there’s no need to worry, as the risk is very low, but it’s very important to make sure that you get vaccinated.

Even if you were immunised last year, book an appointment to get the jab as the virus changes every year and your protection needs to be updated.


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