Life before birth

Amazing 3D pictures that give you a glimpse of your baby's life in the womb.


Life before birth

The nine-month journey your baby goes on before birth is nothing short of a miracle.


These amazing 3D ultrasound pictures give a unique glimpse into the way your baby grows during pregnancy.

Click through to see how your baby develops – and moves around – during his time in the womb.

These images are taken from Your Developing Baby, a unique book that every mum-to-be will want to own. It takes you on a guided tour of pre-natal development, using breathtaking ultrasound images and easy to understand diagrams.



The first few weeks after conception are a time of astonishingly rapid growth. Even at this early stage, the baby’s head and bottom are already recognisable.



In the space of just a week, enormous changes take place. Here, by week eight, the head is developing a more rounded shape, the body elongates, and the neck straightens.

Click here and here to see moving 3D images of baby within the womb early in the first trimester. 



He’s growing fast and his body gets longer – he is looking more human now.

Growth is not the only activity going on in there. Your baby’s life support systems are developing too. These include the amniotic fluid, the placenta and the umbilical cord.

Click here for video showing how blood travels between the umbilical cord and your baby.



By the end of the first trimester, all of your baby’s organs and limbs are in place.


Click here to see 3D moving images of a 12-week old foetus in the womb. 

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