Making the Most of Pregnancy Bath Time

An achy back, swollen legs, itchy tummy and feeling hot and bothered? Here's five tips to make bath time your daily spa treat

In pregnancy we can tend to suffer more with back pain and headaches. Also little problems can mount up into a physical concern like tense shoulders or a stiff neck. We tend to experience tiredness, stress brought on through worries about work, money or even our relationship, and these can soon take their toll. And that’s before you get to the task of adjusting to your changing shape!


Taking a bath or having a shower is a wonderful way to counteract the stresses and strains – mentally and physically. Just think how many people extol the virtues of a water birth – it’s powerful stuff!
It’s important in pregnancy for you as a person to allow some me-time, so why not turn the necessity of bathtime into a daily treat?

Five ways to make bathtime special

Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa…

  • Make it a daily ritual – Try to set the same time each day (whether it’s in the morning or the evening) for a bath so it becomes something easy to plan for rather than purely something you work around your other chores. In fact, even on days when you’ve had a morning shower, if you feel you need a bath to unwind at night on some occasions – treat yourself!
    As it is, you will find your have a raised body temperature in pregnancy so keeping fresh will make you feel a lot less hot and bothered.
  • Don’t overheat – It is important during pregnancy not to use saunas and hot tubs, and it’s a good idea not to let the bath get too hot now, too. Not only is it inadvisable for the raised temperature it creates around your baby, it will take its toll on your skin, overheating it and making it ruddy and dry afterwards. (Washing your hair in overly hot water is never a good idea either.)
    Instead, run a well-balanced bath, again taking time to do this properly, giving your bathtime some respect! For something special, try tying a bunch of thyme or lavender under the tap as it runs, this can create a wonderful scent in the bathroom.
  • Choose a good bubble bath – Now you’re pregnant you can’t have that large glass of wine after work, you can’t eat sushi and you rarely have the energy for late nights… you’ve gotta treat yourself to something! Although it’s important to be aware of safe essential oils in pregnancy and you might find that some brands of bath oils or even soaps advise against use in pregnancy, there are many lovely brands which use safe oils for a healing, refreshing experience that also has aromatheraputic benefits. Check out ranges by Mama Mio, Mummylicious and for a luxury treat, the pregnancy-safe range from Elemis.
  • Create the mood – Enjoy lighting a few candles around the bath. Even if it’s not evening, you’ll be amazed how a lit candle can really change the ambience. And make the most of those candles – once there’s a toddler in the house they’ll be a no-go for a few years!
    If you choose a scented candle, try not to go for anything too rich or sickly sweet as you’ll find your nose is more sensitive to strong scents when you’re pregnant and it could end up making you feel more uncomfortable rather than relaxed.
  • Treat your skin – After your bath, make time to chill out and dry off before rushing to put clothes back on. If you have a favourite dressing gown, it’s time to dig it out and float around the bedroom as part of your daily bath time regime rather than slobbing around in an old nightie! Sit back, moisturise with a gentle, natural oil or cream and enjoy the moment for taking things slow. You’ll feel better, and your skin will thank you!

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