Mums’ advice on pregnancy life

Thinking ahead to labour? Wondering how to make the most of your pregnancy? Musing over how to stay calm? Take advice from the mums who have been there and done that…


Natural pampering

“ Since finding out I was pregnant I’ve been really conscious about using natural products if possible. I discovered that Aveda hairdressers use 100% natural colour dyes, so they’re completely safe to use during pregnancy. Plus they’re organic, so they tick my ‘make the world a more natural place for my little one’ box.”


Charmaine Johnson, 30, from Caterham, 17 weeks pregnant

For easy moisturizing

“During pregnancy my skin was really dry and sore, but I hated lathering on creams and oils as it left me feeling sticky. Instead, I’d run myself a warm bath, put in some nice smelling salts and added some Boots Expert Stretch Mark Oil (£5.10, You can have a lovely relaxing soak and when you get out of the tub you’re already oiled up with none of the hassle of doing it and none of the heaviness. It’s brilliant.”

Stephanie Barber, 29, from Streatham, mum to Georgie, 2.

For cheap bump jeans

“To keep wearing your favourite jeans as your bump grows get an elastic band or hair band, knot one end around the button hole and the other end around the button.”

Charlotte Dann, 23, from High Wycombe, mum to Joshua, 4 and 23 weeks pregnant.

For dealing with nausea

“When I was pregnant I always started the day with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon juice to ease my nausea. It cleansed my stomach to stop that horrible mum-to-be sick feeling. It even worked a treat after my c-section, and it’s also great at clearing the skin and easing your digestive system.”

Kirsty Madew, 26, from Stockport, mum to Heidi, 3 and Alfie, 18 months.

For calming pregnancy stress

“When I was expecting I listened to soothing music by James Blunt and Adele to calm me down whenever I was stressed. The baby always used to kick when it came on, which I found rather strange. Now whenever she’s restless I play her the same songs as they settle her down a treat. It seems music is the best remedy.”

Becky Bailey-Cummins, 23, from Dartford, mum to Jessica, 8 weeks.

For mum-to-be memories

“It took my partner and I a long time to conceive, and we were so excited when we finally did, that I started a memory box as soon as my pregnancy test was positive. My partner now takes a snap of me each week to show how my bump’s doing, and we put it in a pocket photo album inside the baby box. I know it’ll be a fantastic way to look back on my nine months once I’m a mum.”

Maria Bunt, 38, from Luton, 33 weeks pregnant.

For dad-to-be bonding

“I really wanted my partner to feel involved during my pregnancy, so I recently set up an email account for my baby and now send messages to my husband from it. This way he can feel connected to my pregnancy despite not feeling each kick or movement.”

Rachael Monks, 27, from Oxford, 25 weeks pregnant.

For saving money

“If you’re pregnant and are planning to have more children, buy all your baby clothes in unisex colours. It saves you money because you won’t have to get brand new togs each time. Newborn clothes hardly get worn so recycling and using them for your next baby is the ultimate penny saver.”

Amina Choudhury, 27, from Brighton, mum to Aliya, 2.

For delivery room calm

“It’s essential that your birthing partner packs the hospital bags. You may know where the maternity pads, cotton wool, and scratch mitts are, but you won’t be the one getting them. Rather than seeing your carefully packed bags pulled apart in a panic, let someone else be in control of what’s needed and where it is.”

Jenny Beattie, 34, from Beckenham, mum to Dexter, 3, and Beatrix, 4 months

For a laid back labour

“The best advice I was ever given was something my mum told me when I was pregnant with Maddie. The more you get worked up about labour, the harder time you’ll have. Yes, it does hurt, but it doesn’t last forever and the reward at the end far outweighs the pain.”

Fran Hoare, 22, from Biggin Hill, mum to Maddie, 5, and Sullivan, 3 months

For a relaxing hospital birth

“Take a pillow or a teddy with you as it can be really comforting to have something that smells of home, rather than the hospital, when you’re in labour.”


Rae Lowe, 35, from Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, mum to Henry, 3 and Zachary, 6 months.

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