Mums’ advice on working while pregnant

It's hard to hide a blooming pregnancy at work, so take advice from these mums as they offer their top tips on pregnancy and work


Hiding a bump at work

“In my first trimester, I was lucky not to have any morning sickness, but found I really had to work to conceal my growing bump so my colleagues didn’t guess. I took to wearing loose, baggy tops and dresses which hid it quite well (I hope!)”


Sophie Curtis, 27, from Leigh-on-Sea, 16 weeks pregnant

“I wanted to conceal my second pregnancy until I worked out how to tell my boss, so I went back to the loose-fitting clothes I wore after Jake was born. I also used the ‘I’m on antibiotics’ excuse at work drinks. It gave me time to get used to the news myself.”

Abigail Simons, 34, from Kent, mum to Jake, 1, and 28 weeks pregnant

Telling your boss that you’re pregnant

“I set up a meeting with my boss the day after my 12-week scan. I did it right away as I was starting to show and was worried about gossip spreading before I had a chance to tell him. I took a note with all my upcoming dates, and when I was planning on taking maternity leave. He seemed to appreciate it and was really supportive.”

Ashley Smith, 29, from Lincoln, 34 weeks pregnant

“It’s best to set up a one-to-one meeting with your boss so you can chat in private without feeling rushed or being interrupted. Come prepared with a rough idea of when you plan to start maternity leave and how you’ll get things organised to provide a handover. It’s also good to talk to your boss first, rather than friends (or gossips!) at work.”

Stephanie Hubbard, 34, from Kent, mum to Gianluca 2½, and Matteo, 4 months

“I have a demanding job and was worried how my boss would react when I told her I was expecting. When we met, I told her how far along I was, any dates I’d need time off for, and when I expected to take my maternity leave. She was fine with the news as I gave her so much information.”

Jenny Davies, 32, from Sussex, 34 weeks pregnant

For working mums-to-be

“When I was pregnant, I was so tired from carrying the extra weight and not getting enough sleep, I almost started napping at my desk at work. Going out for regular walks and offering to do the tea run so I was up and about kept me active instead of sleepy.”

Gemma Atkins, 33, from Weymouth, mum to Annabel and Hayley, both 3 months

For desk-bound bigger bumps

“During my second trimester, I started having bad backache from sitting at my desk all day, so I spoke to HR and they provided me with a special cushion to prop myself up against the back of my chair. It’s working brilliantly, as I’m not slumped over anymore. And because I made contact with HR about it, they now check in with me regularly to make sure the bump and I are OK.”


Sophie Lauren, 33, from Bristol, 34 weeks pregnant

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