Mums’ tips on involving your man in pregnancy

Sometimes dads-to-be can feel left out as your bump gets bigger and bigger. Read these top tips from fellow mums on how to get your hubby involved with your pregnancy


Getting your man nappy changing

“I hate being the only one who changes Ellie’s nappies so to get my husband to help we decided that as he loves bathing Ellie, he could do this on the days he also does the nappy changing. It’s made him way more keen to get his hands dirty.”


Sharon Jempston, 33, from Berkshire, mum to Ellie, 1

Deciding what pram to get

“I handed the pram selection over to my husband. He really got into road-testing models and had loads of fun. We ended up with a great pram, it was one less thing for me to worry about, and he was pleased he’d played a big part in the pregnancy.”

Jo Pollock, 32, from Cheshire, mum to James, 14 months, and 6 months pregnant

Take him to the scans

“Ryan came to all the scans and antenatal classes during my pregnancy with Jessie. It meant he was really informed and knew of any concerns I had. We both also took a week off work during my second trimester and went away for a few days to really enjoy each other’s company before baby made three.”

Helen Jones, 34, from London, mum to Jessie, 6 months

“To get the most support from your partner when you’re pregnant, make sure he comes to all the antenatal classes. That way he’s informed about everything and will be more understanding.”

Anne Lawrence, 37, from North Yorkshire, mum to Hannah, 9 months

Getting the perfect birth partner

“I put my husband in charge of everything except the actual giving birth. He got all my drinks, kept relatives up to date and made sure my feelings were explained properly to the midwives when I wasn’t very coherent! We discussed it all beforehand so he knew exactly what his role was.”

Gemma Kempster, 30, from Berkshire, mum to Beth, 2 months

“I had my partner put cream on my hands during my labour and he also brushed my hair. When the contractions really hurt, before I was given an epidural, his wrist was a great place to dig my fingernails into, as well!”

Silvia Macchia Riley, 39, from Italy, mum to Giulia, 2

For sex after childbirth

“After Jack was born, I felt pretty nervous about having sex again, so I made sure I talked to my husband so he understood how I was feeling. We went shopping together for nice, properly fitted underwear and girlie PJs, and took it really slowly but it was fine as we both understood each other’s worries.”

Jenny Poles, 28, from Luton, mum to Jack, 8 months

For dads on b-day

“My partner was very involved during my pregnancy and came to all my classes and scans. But I worried he might feel left out at the actual birth, so we took pregnancy massage oil into hospital and he rubbed my shoulders and back during labour which helped.”

Frances Berry, 34, from Lincoln, mum to Ruth, 2 months

“Mark was really worried about being a bit of a spare part at the birth, and I desperately wanted him to be involved. In the weeks before my due date, I found some massage techniques online and he practiced them on my shoulders so he knew he could be involved when I was in pain during labour.”

Lilly Smith, 26, from Hampshire, mum to Kieran, 3 months

For sex with a bump

“My sex drive didn’t really suffer during pregnancy, but as I got bigger I didn’t have a lot of energy for loads of different positions. The best one I found was us both lying sideways with my partner behind me. I used a pillow to support my bump, and my other half enjoyed it as he knew I was comfortable.”


Kirsty Happen, 32, from Dorset, mum to Evie, 3 months

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