Giving birth when you have Group B Strep

Mum-to-be Bex discovered she had Group B Strep and had special care during the delivery of her daughter


I discovered I was Group B Strep during my pregnancy and was told I would need three doses of antibiotics four hours apart.


My due date was Christmas Day but at 7am on Christmas Eve I woke up in pain, I decided to take some paracetamol to see if the pain would ease; I really didn’t think I was in labour.

I phoned my partner and parents and they were here within five minutes, and I was in the labour ward by 8am.

I was attached to an IV straight away so the first lot of antibiotics would get into my system.

The midwife said this would take 20 minutes and in the meantime she didn’t want to examine me in case the labour became more active. At first I declined the gas and air and slowly rocked on the birthing ball. Ten minutes later I was asking for the gas and air!

By 10.45am, I was 5cm dilated. (I had dilated 3cm in 45 minutes.) I was screaming for an epidural and was told the anaesthetist would be there in half an hour.

However, half an hour later, I felt like I needed to push. I was then given a second dose of antibiotics. This was earlier than they’d wanted and I was told if I didn’t hold the baby in until the antibiotics got into my system, then the baby would have to go to special care. So I crossed my legs!

By 11.45am, the epidural started to kick in, just as I was told I could finally push.

Baby Emeliya-rose was born at 12.06pm on Christmas Eve: weighing 6lb 7oz. The great news was she didn’t have to go into special care and was fit and healthy. 

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