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New baby shopping list

Start planning your baby's shopping list

New baby shopping list

Make time while you're pregnant to buy all the essentials you'll need once your baby arrives.


Don't go mad, though, or you'll end up with a houseful of equipment, some of which you'll never use. Take our advice and buy only what you'll actually need for the first few weeks.

Click through to find out what should be on your shopping list.


New baby shopping list

Change mat:

Absolutely essential. This Red Gingham Changing Mat from Blooming Marvellous costs £8.99. The cosy towelling cover can be removed and washed, leaving the wipe-clean PVC mat underneath.

Or buy a plain changing mat and lay a small hand towel on top to keep baby's back warm.


New baby shopping list

Cellular cotton blankets:

These are great because they keep baby warm but allow her skin to breathe and keep air circulating so she won't overheat. Make sure you have two: so there's always one clean while one is in the wash.

This selection costs £5.99 per blanket from Mothercare.


New baby shopping list

Moses basket:

Just the thing for a newborn to sleep in: not as daunting as a full-size cot and very portable so you can pop your sleeping baby down close to you all over the house for those daytime naps.

Check out Babies R Us for a good selection of Moses baskets, from traditional pink or blue to ones made from organic materials. This Chambray Moses basket costs £27.99.


New baby shopping list


Your baby will most likely be living in sleepsuits day and night for at least the first few weeks so stock up on at least seven all-in-one sleepsuits (these are generally long-sleeved with built-in feet) and seven body-suits (these are T-shirt style, short-sleeved and fasten between the legs) to wear underneath.

This sleepsuits costs £12 for a pack of three from Mothercare.

Experienced mums tend to steer clear of bodysuits that don't have integral feet as baby socks are notoriously difficult to keep on!


New baby shopping list


This roomy Avent IQ24 Electronic Steam Steriliser, £59.99, is good for bottlefeeding, and the smaller Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Microwave Steam & Cold Water Steriliser, £19.99, would suit a breastfeeding mum.

Read the instructions and try out your steriliser before baby arrives so you're already familiar with how it works.

Even breastfeeding mums will need a steriliser at some point if you plan to express and store milk. Microwave models are handy if you are short of work-top space as they can be stored in the microwave when not in use.


New baby shopping list

Feeding bottles:

These Closer To Nature bottles, £3.49 each from Tommee Tippee, were really popular with Prima Baby testers. They rated their natural look and feel which helped babies feed easily and comfortably.

Bottler-feeding mums will need six bottles with teats to start off with, although breastfeeding mums can get away with fewer.


New baby shopping list

Baby monitor:

We recommend Tomy's excellent range of monitors, with models to suit most budgets. Prices start from £29.99 for the Walkabout Baby Advance system.


New baby shopping list

Room thermometer/nightlight:

This plug-in Grobag Egg room thermometer, £19.95, is also a nightlight that changes from blue (too cold) to red (too hot).

Or buy a cheap room thermometer and a separate nightlight from a hardware store - you'll need it for night-time feeds and nappy changes to avoid you having to switch on the main light: too much brightness at night can confuse your baby's bodyclock.


New baby shopping list

Bouncy chair:

Don't be tempted to sit your newborn in his car seat in the house. Research shows it's not good for his breathing and muscle development.

Invest in an adjustable padded bouncy chair - this Chicco Relax & Play Bouncer, £49.99, has integral play arch, although you can buy a clip-on one separately.


New baby shopping list


A new baby essential, muslins have so many uses. From mopping up dribbles and sick to protecting your clothes, shading baby in his pram, preserving your modesty while breastfeeding, even using as an emergency changing mat, the muslin is a new-mum must-have.

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Buy at least six to start with although you'll probably end up investing in a few more packs as the weeks go by.


New baby shopping list

Car seat:

You won't be allowed to leave hospital without one. This Maxi Cosi CabrioFix, £99, came out well in a recent Prima Baby test.


Make sure you know how it fits into your car before your baby is born.


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