Packing for a hospital birth: baby checklist

Here's what your baby will need after birth.


If you’re a natural organiser you’ll probably love packing your hospital bag. It’s best to be prepared and have your bag ready from around 35 weeks. Here’s a list of what you will need to pack for your new arrival:

  • Two or three baby grows or sleep-suits Preferably with feet (or also bring baby socks). Unless you know that you are having a big- or small-for-dates baby, buy newborn-sized outfits.
  • Two or three vests
  • An outfit for your journey home
  • A hat For the first 24 hours
  • A cosy blanket Especially if it’s cold
  • Swaddle blanket Not vital if you have a blanket
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds For the first few days your baby will pass Meconium which is made up of amniotic fluid, and everything your baby has ingested in the womb. It is greeny-black in colour, has a sticky, tar-like texture, and can be hard to clean.
  • Newborn nappies A whole pack rather than just a few is advisable just for reassurance (see above).
  • Muslin squares To wipe up dribbles while you are both establishing feeding.
  • Bottles and baby formula As an incentive to encourage breastfeeding most maternity units no longer provide bottle-feeding equipment, so if you are intending to bottle-feed you must take your own. Check with your own delivery suite beforehand.
  • Car seat For the journey home – ensure that this has been fitted properly and is suitable for a newborn baby. You won’t be allowed to go home without one.

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