Pregnancy sex – it rocks!

How and why pregnancy sex is such a pleasure!


Once you’ve stopped throwing up your breakfast, you may well start throwing off your inhibitions with your clothes. Raging pregnancy hormones can send your libido rocketing, while an increased blood supply makes every part of your body super-sensitive!


If you’ve been trying for a baby for ages, finally getting pregnant can be a real relief. Suddenly you can have sex just because you want to, not because you’re at the most fertile part of your cycle. 

If you’ve always wondered what you’d look like with a boob job, now you know. If you were flat-chested before, voluptuous curves can be a real pregnancy plus. And it’s not just you who can enjoy your new body – your partner also benefits!

However new curves come at a price – the bigger you get, the more creative you’ll have to become to find a sexual position that feels comfortable. But, hey, that’s not all bad! See our ‘sex with a bump’  feature for more inspiration on positions that work for both of you, and your bump!


Of course not everyone feels sexy during their pregnancy. Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on. Hormones can play havoc with your emotions, making you moody and weepy. The extra weight can be tiring – and let’s not forget the nausea, heartburn and endless trips to the loo. No-one will blame you if sex is the last thing on your mind!

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