Pregnancy tips and facts from our midwife

Our midwife shares her useful tips and interesting facts about pregnancy and labour


1) Buy some cheap large ‘granny pants’ for the first 24 hours after the birth, when bleeding is at its heaviest, so if you leak you can just throw them away.


2) If you can still chat through your contractions it’s too soon to head to the hospital. Wait a while and reassess once it gets tough to talk.

3) Warmth can really ease backache caused by labour, so have your birth partner place a microwaveable wheat bag or heat pad on you if you’re suffering.

4) Gentle daily exercise will increase your stamina for labour. Go for an evening walk or meet up with other mums-to-be at a yoga or aquanatal class.

5) Put some sanitary towels in the fridge after the birth as a cold pad can help reduce any swelling you might have, particularly after forceps or ventouse.

6) Don’t dismiss having a student midwife with you in labour. They’re often keen to witness the birth and will stay on past the end of a shift.

7) Iron deficiency can be a common problem in pregnancy, so boost your levels by sprinkling dried apricots and raisins on your breakfast cereal.

8) Tiredness can make morning sickness worse, so keep nausea at bay by grabbing a power nap during the day, or going to bed earlier.

9) Relax your face with each contraction so it’s expressionless, as opposed to creasing or crunching it up – it really helps to get you through each one.

10) A gym ball does the same job and offers the same support as a birthing ball during labour, and can be up to three times cheaper too!


Did you know…

  • The number of babies born to mums over the age of 40 has doubled in the past 10 years.
  • 59% of women suffer from overheating in pregnancy.
  • The average time it takes a couple to conceive a baby is five months and two weeks
  • One in five babies in England and Wales in 2009 were born to women over 35
  • It takes 9 months to grow a baby because the human placenta only lets a limited amount of nutrients through at a time.

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