Pregnant women not following vitamin D advice

First study in Scotland reveals pregnant women aren’t getting the right levels of vitamin D


Pregnant women in Scotland are being urged to increase their vitamin D levels as a study by the University of Aberdeen reveals women are ignoring dosage guidance.


The study, which monitored 1,205 pregnant women in Aberdeen, found that only 21% of mothers were taking any supplements and just 1% were getting the recommended daily amount.

Women in the UK are advised to take daily supplements of vitamin D in order to combat potential deficiency. This is particularly important in countries like Scotland, where sun exposure is low.

Study lead Professor Paul Haggarty said, “We need to do more to encourage women to take vitamin D supplements during pregnancy,” reports the BBC.

Paul added, “We suggest that, in addition to guidance on supplement use, encouraging safe sun exposure and getting out in green spaces in summer may help to improve vitamin D status in pregnancy, even in the north of Scotland.”

The research also highlighted diet, noting those who had a poor diet due to their financial situation, would benefit from taking supplements.

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