Protect your unborn baby with sunshine

Not only do we love being in the sunshine, your growing baby will also benefit from the Vitamin D.


Need an excuse to get outside and enjoy the summer rays? Well, look no further –spending time in the sun – safely – could help protect your unborn baby from diabetes.


Vitamin D, which the body makes from sunshine, is important for a strong immune system and healthy bones. There’s also been some research to show it can help prevent autoimmune disorders such as diabetes and thyroid disease, too.

Try to get out in the daylight for 10 minutes every day – regular but sensible sun exposure is best.  ALWAYS  wear a good quality, high-factor sunscreen even if you are out in the sun for a short period of time. 


You can also get vitamin D through your diet – salmon, fresh tuna, and other oily fish are good sources, although pregnant women are advised to eat no more than two portions a week.  Vitamin D supplements are available, but talk to your midwife or GP before taking these.

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