Sleep and tiredness in pregnancy

Mums share their top tips on how to get a good night's sleep when pregnant


Dealing with fatigue

“To help me get through the day I eat lots of fruit and veg – bananas particularly give me a real boost. As I get the most tired in the early evenings I’ve also had to tell my friends that if they want to meet up it has to be at lunchtime as I’m too tired to meet after they’ve finished work. Luckily they’ve been really understanding.”


Jenny Kemp, 26, from Leicestershire, 32 weeks pregnant

Coping with restless nights

“At 20 weeks pregnant I started having trouble sleeping. My back was aching and I found it really uncomfortable to lie on my side. The Dreamgenii pillow has made such a difference. It keeps me on my left side and the pillow between my knees is great for my back pain.”

Barbara Ludman, 39, from Kent, 32 weeks pregnant.

When sleeping with a bump

“To help me get a good night’s sleep when I was pregnant with Jamie I used lots of cushions in bed – between my legs, against my back and under my bump. The dreamgenii support pillow, is great as it does all three! And a yummy cup of hot chocolate didn’t go amiss!”

Claire Pomfret, 33, from Manchester, mum to Jamie, 1

For pregnancy tiredness

“Since I moved into my second trimester I’ve been feeling incredibly tired every morning. The best morning perk-up I’ve found is to have breakfast immediately, before doing anything else. Even if I’m not that hungry I always have something like a piece of toast or some fruit and I feel more awake within an hour of munching.”


Kimberley James, 29, from Dorset, 18 weeks pregnant

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