Summer pregnancy essentials

Must-haves if you are pregnant through the summer months.


Summer pregnancy essentials

Everyone loves the balmy days of summer – don’t they? Unless you’re heavily pregnant, that is.


Crowded trains and buses, swollen ankles, hot sticky nights – none of these make life easy for the expectant mum.

Being pregnant through the warmer months brings its own challenges. But there are ways to make this special time of your life more pleasant for you and your bump.

Click through to find out what are your summer pregnancy must-haves.


Summer pregnancy essentials

Hot feet, swollen ankles are the worst symptoms of a summer pregnancy.

Well, forget straps, heels and buckles with a pair of super comfy FitFlops and give your legs a work-out at the same time.

They are like flipflops but come with a heel and built-in ‘microwobble’ technology that helps your posture, tones your calves, helps prevent fluid retention in your lower legs, relieves back pain, sciatica and more.

Perfect for pregnancy, then!

They come in a range of gorgeous colours and finishes and wouldn’t even look out of place as workwear.

Our tester loved them. ‘They’re so good they ought to come on prescription!’ she says.

RRP is £44 – pretty good for a pair of sandals you’ll want to wear every day.

Visit for more information and where to buy.


Summer pregnancy essentials

A regular pregnancy massage can do wonders all year round but, if you can afford it, summer is the time when your growing body will really appreciate the benefits.

Kalpana Gurung specialises in pregnancy massage(£30 for 30 minutes or £55 for an hour). She runs the Himalayan Day Spa on London’s Chiswick High Road.

She advises, ‘Regular massage during pregnancy can alleviate symptoms including backache, swollen or achey legs and fluid retention. A regular massage can also aid your sleep, which many pregnant women find difficult especially during the summer months.

‘Do make sure that your pregnancy massage therapist is specially qualified to treat pregnant women. General massage therapists are often lacking the knowledge of how much pressure should be applied.’

Kalpana recommends a weekly massage once you are past the first trimester, and post-pregnancy massage to help your body return to normal after the birth.


Summer pregnancy essentials

Every mum-to-be should invest in a simple sleeveless dress. It’s the most practical, comfortable maternity wear item you can buy.

Try high shop stores like Primark or Asda for a low-cost version, or check out this one from Isabella Oliver (£95) if you want something a bit more special.

You’ll get so much wear out of it that you may find investing in quality is worthwhile, particularly if you save it for a later pregnancy too.

Visit to buy.


Summer pregnancy essentials

Legs, legs legs: that’s what it’s all about if you’re about and about in the sun while you’re expecting.

If your pins are getting you down, the best remedy is to slather on a generous handful of Clarins’ fabulous Energizing Leg Emulsion.

It is cooling, soothing with a wonderful refreshing tingly sensation that is guaranteed to relax your aching limbs.

Definitely a pregnancy must-have.


Summer pregnancy essentials

No summer pregnancy wardrobe should be without a selection of short-sleeved T-shirts and camisoles.

Slip one under a long-sleeved top or cardigan and you’re all set to strip off when the sun comes out and your hormones start to overheat.

This camisole (£9) from M&P is cut to flatter your bump in soft-stretch fabric. You can even carry on using it after the baby’s born – and it’s handy for easy access if you’re breastfeeding.



Summer pregnancy essentials

Don’t want to give up your two-piece while you’re pregnant? If you don’t fancy baring your bump in a skimpy bikini, opt for a more restrained tankini.

This maternity tankini (£12) from Asda has a generously cut top that is less likely to ride up while you’re on the sunlounger or in the water. You can even wear the top with a skirt when you’re away from the beach.


Visit Asda Direct to buy.

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