Third trimester exercise

You're in the home stretch - third trimester exercise is as important as ever


As long as you’re not at risk for premature labour and you are having a healthy pregnancy, carry on exercising to gain the full benefits.


What’s happening to my body?

Your bump is getting bigger and becoming heavy, and your baby is taking up more space inside you, which means you may feel breathless when you exercise, as your lungs are getting a bit squashed!

Staying active can ease aching legs, varicose veins and puffy hands and feet. Focus on building endurance so that you have stamina for labour, strengthening your back, legs and arms.

Practise your birth positions and don’t forget to work those pelvic floor muscles.

Build your strength

‘Swimming is great during this trimester, as long as you’re not suffering from pelvic or ligament pain that kicking or swimming in a face-down position could aggravate,’ says Melinda. ‘Walking in water or aquarobics are good, too.’ Keep up gentle walking and pregnancy yoga to strengthen your body for labour. ‘Classes should include relaxation and work on “letting go” of the pelvic floor in preparation for the birth,’ adds Melinda.

Weight Watch: You’ll be gaining weight fast now, and will need an extra 200 calories a day in the run-up to the birth.

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