Top ten pregnancy health worries answered

We help you overcome your pregnancy anxieties


‘Will I miscarry?’

Q: At five weeks pregnant, I had mild cramps and light bleeding. My doctor said there was a 50% chance the pregnancy would continue. I’m now seven weeks and the cramps and bleeding haven’t returned. Can you advise me?


‘Will I miscarry?’

Midwife Nikki Khan says:

‘Bleeding in early pregnancy is common and doesn’t always mean miscarriage. It may occur when the fertilised egg implants in the womb (implantation bleeding). Some women notice bleeding when they would have had their period. It may be due to cervical erosion, and light spotting can also occur after sex. If there’s also abdominal pain, see medical advice immediately. You could always ask your GP to refer you for an early scan.’


‘I’ve got a strange discharge’

Q I’m 16 weeks pregnant and have a pale green, almost fluorescent discharge. There’s no smell, but I’m worried. Is it normal?’


‘I’ve got a strange discharge’

Obsetrician Leonie says: ‘This sounds like the normal discharge of pregnancy – odourless and very pale. Thrush is also more common in pregnancy due to a change in the levels of acidity in the vagina – discharge is often curd-like and accompanied by itchiness. A cream from a pharmacist or your GP will help. If you get a discharge that is very watery, bloodstained or smells nasty, see your GP.’


‘Can I have a C-section’

Q I’m carrying a big baby – can I request a Caesarean?

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