Want to know your baby’s sex before you give birth?

Well cool your low, sensible heels for a sec and consider our list of pros and cons first...


The Chinese sex prediction chart we published a few weeks ago got LOTS of you chatting.


And when polled our Facebook community about whether or not you actually wanted to find out the sex of your baby before birth, 65% of 454 people who voted said yes.

What you told us…

Mum Vanessa Miller was surprised when she told us on Facebook: “Both my little ones are the wrong sex according to this chart!!!!”

While Sally Holland was sceptical: “All right for me, I’ve had 3 girls, am pregnant with my 4th, according to this chart I’ll have a boy, but I highly doubt that! Xx”

Hayley Medway thought the chart was spot-on: “Both my boys are right by this chart x”, but Chez Fairchild wasn’t so sure: “Seeing as it is the father’s contribution that determines the sex of the child, the mother’s age has stuff all to do with it.” And Henrietta Court was downright dismissive: “What a ridiculous chart.”

But when ChocolateCupcake did the chart on our forum, it sparked her husband’s own way of predicting their baby’s sex: “I got a girl prediction! And actually, hubby thinks we are having a girl (he was right about Jack). His reasoning was I didn’t get my BFP till 19dpo with Jack and 11dpo this time! So his reasoning is that girls do things earlier than boys!” 

Obviously, loads of us are curious to know what we’re having before the big day. And because there are so many ways of ‘telling’ what you’re going to have, what with nub theory and skull theory being the predictors du jour – not to mention that old chestnut the way you’re carrying your bump.  

Indeed, MFMer Flush30 says: “You can also get a good idea from the heart beat…. might be an old wives tale but some midwives swear by it. If it sounds like a train, likely to be a boy; like a galloping horse, likely to be a girl…”

Blimey, we’re spoiled for choice these days! 

But what if, like MFMer Baby_PrincessIOM, you can’t decide what to do? As she puts it: “Ohhhh why am i so impatient it will be such a great surprise to wait until the birth. But knowing would just make buying things so much easier!!”

It’s a very personal decision of course – and there are pros and cons to finding out early or leaving it until the baby arrives. So if you’re pregnant and weighing up whether or not you want to know, this may help you decide…

You may want to FIND OUT because…

You only have to think of one name (or set of names)
As this is a pretty important decision that can take AGES for a couple to agree on, we can only see this as a bonus.

If you’re focused on one sex you can put all your brain power into that and MAY be more likely to find the whole baby-naming process just that bit less complicated…

Knowing you’re having a son or daughter helps prepare you better…

Knowing you’re having a baby is one thing, but for many people, being able to say they’re having a boy or a girl can help bring the reality into focus more.

…and is supposedly extra-great if you already have children
The ‘experts’ often say there are lots of things you can do to make sure your first child welcomes a second one into the home.

And knowing whether they’re having a baby brother or sister could really help your child come to terms that bit more with the new baby that’s about to enter the house and turn everyone’s world upside down.

You can get the baby pink paint pots out
OK, OK, we know that lots of you out there don’t ‘do’ traditional – but for those who do, finding out the sex of your baby means you can splash out on girly or boysy stuff for the nursery.

It’s still a surprise
Sure, you haven’t waited until the actual birth to find out what sex the baby is, but it’s still a surprise the day you find out (usually your 20-week scan). Plus – you can choose not to tell everyone until the baby’s actually born…so the surprise element can still be there on the day, too, for family members and friends, if you want it.


You may NOT want to FIND OUT because…

It can be more fun not to know
We know it’s tempting to want to know the sex as soon as you can – but giving birth is such a life-changing thing – and finding out the sex of your baby on the day you bring them in to the world just adds to the whole utterly mind-blowing experience.

You CAN still choose a name
Ever since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds called their daughter James, having a gender-neutral name for your baby has become hipper than hip. So, find a name you like, and go for it. Boy/girl names are so last year…

The result you get might have got it wrong

We’ve all heard stories such as the mum who kitted the baby room out in pink and bought piles of baby girl dresses after the 20-week-scan only to give birth to a son in the end. 

We also know from our MadeForMums members that tests like the nub theory and gender predictor charts are really just guess-timates when it comes to getting the sex of your baby right.

You’ll get lots of lovely neutrals

For those of you who really DON’T do pink and blue, not knowing the sex of your baby means you won’t be cornered into the classic pink and blue traps.

If you do get any lovely pre-birth gifts they’ll (hopefully) be subtle neutrals or gorgeous rainbow colours: love, love love!

What do you think?

Are you pregnant and wondering whether or not to find out the sex of your baby? Or perhaps you did and wish you hadn’t – or the other way round? Chat about it in our forums here and here.

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