6 unexpected things you might do during early labour

Early labour can last anything between 8 and 12 hours - and it's amazing what some mums have found themselves doing to pass the time...


In the world of movies and TV dramas, the moment you go into labour it’s a noisy flurry of fast contractions, contorted faces, people holding your hand and then out comes the baby. 


Except for most of us, there’s the big in-between bit of early labour (not quite so TV-friendly). You’re in labour but contractions are occasional and vary in intensity and you may not quite be ready for hospital. So what do you do?. 

We’ve been hearing about this from mums in our forum and on Facebook – and some of the ways they coped with early labour are quite surprising

6 unexpected things mums do in early labour

1. Clean the house

Yep, it seems as though the nesting instinct comes to the fore for some of us once labour starts. Mum Sarah P tells us : “[With my] first I just cleaned the house.”

Debbie H did a similar thing. She recalls she was “cleaning with the first born until my waters broke!”

2. Go shopping

Here at MFM we love a bit of retail therapy, and lots of you do too, it seems – even when you’re just ours away from having a baby! Rebecca W reveals she did some food shopping.


Claire H had a wander down some fancy West End streets, saying: “I went walking up and down Kings Road and had a drink in Starbucks to kill time and get the show on the road.”

And Lesley R made quite a significant purchase: “Decided to walk over to Homebase and bought a sofa,” she says.

“Not sure it took my mind off it much but at least we ended up with a nice new sofa and I made good use of the time 



3. Do some crochet

Now, none of the MFM team can crochet at all (let alone in labour), so we were really impressed when Emma F told us on Facebook that she started a crochet square in labour.

“I started this as I was waiting on the ward ready to be induced early the next morning… however my contractions kicked in properly and baby was born 2 hours later.

“I was trying to distract myself and just relax. The midwife said she hadn’t ever seen anyone crochet in labour before. I’m sure it will take a while to finish.”

Wow – we just love this Emma 💖Check out her pic, below…


4. Watch a movie

Seems like a sensible way to pass the time when you’re 9 months pregnant, probably feeling knackered most of the time and just about to become a mum.

Rebecca W tells us us: [I] had a bath and watched Taskmaster... didn’t make it to the end though!”

And Sarah P says this: “I had promised my other 2 I’d take them to see Jurassic World 2 but went in to labour, decided to go anyway with contractions 2 minutes apart.

“Made it through the film and home, with plenty of time to spare – had her 2hrs later.” Fair dos 👍

5. Get back to nature

Getting into nature is a real tonic that can relax you no end – so we think this mum’s idea – to go to a local park – was spot on.

Vonnie123 on our forum says: “Had a cramp every 10 minutes lasting 1 min throughout the morning. Carried on as normal – fed ducks with my son.”



6. Sleep

Well, if you can, why not?! A fair few of our mums said they actually managed to get a bit of sleep in even when labour had started.

Debbie H says: “[With my] 2nd born I was asleep, woke in labour, arrived at hospital and [the baby] was born within 40 mins! Perfect!”

And Nikki P reveals: “Slept the whole way through until they brought the consent forms for me to fill in to be taken for a C-section.”😲

What did you do in early labour?

Did you do any of the things above while you were waiting for your baby to come? Or something else entirely? Tell us in the comments below, on Instagram or over on Facebook

Images: Getty Images / 3rd Photo: Emma France

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