Why do I feel so uncomfortable?

Why do I feel so uncomfortable in the third trimester? Midwife Nikki Khan answers your pregnancy Qs.


Midwife Nikki Khan says…


It sounds like your baby is lying in an awkward position. Your tummy will be changing shape as your baby settles into your pelvis ready for birth. A common concern is that this discomfort is due to labour pains, but they wouldn’t subside after you’d just changed position. Use a supportive pillow under your bump, particularly when lying on your less comfortable right side – expectant mums often have a preferred side, thought to be connected to the way their baby is lying. For most women, this discomfort eases after a week or two as the uterine muscles adjust to the baby’s head being in the pelvis. However, if the pain persists, see your midwife.

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