Working out your due date

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Here's how to work out your due date.


One of your very first questions – probably while you’re still clutching that positive test – is likely to be ‘When’s my baby due?’


When you visit your GP, you can ask them to confirm your due date for you. 

To find out when your baby is due

Your pregnancy is considered to start from the first day of your last period, which means you’ll be considered to be four weeks pregnant when you miss your first period.
Your due date is not calculated from your fertile times or from when you had sex, as there are several days around ovulation when fertilisation could have taken place.
We’ve put together a asimple-to-use due date calculator to make easy for you to work out when your 40 weeks of pregnancy will be up.
Click on the link below to find your due date.
Within the pop-up table, look up the first day of your last period on the top row of figures. The date below it, in bold, will be your estimated due date. If, for example, the first day of your last period was 28 October, your due date would be 4 August.
To find your due date, click here to bring up the due date calculator.


Once you know your due date, you can work out when each week of your pregnancy falls by counting back from it in your diary. Remember to register as a member and enter your due date in the form to receive regular emails telling you how your body and your baby are developing as your pregnancy progresses.  

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