Babypod plays music to your unborn child – in the most bizarre way

New gadget fills your womb with music as it plays through your vagina


There have been plenty of studies that suggest playing music to your unborn child helps their development, and there are a number of devices you can strap onto your belly while walking or relaxing that play music through your skin. 


But how would you feel about using a device that you actually insert into your vagina so that your baby can listen to music even more closely?

The Babypod has been designed by the Institut Marquez, a leading international centre in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction in Barcelona.

Testing was carried out in 2014 on hundreds of pregnant women comparing unborn babies listening to music in the womb both abdominally (played through the belly from outside) and vaginally (internally). 

The study showed that babies who had music played from outside the womb didn’t generate any response to what they were listening to, while those who listened to music that was played vaginally opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out. In addition, the response from the foetus increases through the weeks of pregnancy.

The study also showed the movements started when the music started and stopped when it stopped – suggesting it was more than a reflex reaction and was in direct response to the music being played.

A sonographer at the institute said:

“As soon as the Babypod was placed, the foetus began to move, movements that are very difficult to see (seeing them in a 3D scan is not easy). He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue consecutively, without stopping.

“It was exhilarating, I was encouraged, I was surprised; and started thinking of the patients who come to have a 4D scan, and the thrill it would be for couples! I was already imagining how to tell them they were going to experience such an exciting event.”


How it works

First, connect The Babypod to your Smartphone and then insert it (the baby pod, not the smartphone!) into your vagina. There’s also an audio input on the Babypod’s wire in case you want to plug in your own headphones and listen to the same music your baby’s listening to at the same time.

Hygiene is vital when using the Babypod: the website advises it can be cleaned with mild soap and water and this should be done every time you use it.

 What mums who used it say…

A number of mums were given the chance to watch their babies while using the Babypod. Here’s what some of them said: 

“It is very moving and impressive to see how the baby reacts to music, especially because he is still in my belly! It has been a wonderful experience due to the atmosphere of the moment and watching the baby moving to the rhythm of the music.“

“Exciting and beautiful. For me it has meant the first bonding with my baby. With the music the baby seemed to dancing, moving arms, legs and head. Marvellous. “

…And what our MFM mums say

Though some of our MFM mums weren’t so sure. MRSG14 said: “Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously, you’re a few months pregnant, and to make your unborn child hear music, you have to stick something up your cooch – are they out of their tiny minds? I’m gonna guess a man came up with this product.”

And busymamma said: “No no no and no! All my babies have loved music but thru the traditional way – turn up the volume in the car! Or hold a speaker to bump if you want a more direct method but please – why stick a speaker where the sun don’t shine??? I agree a bloke probably did come up with this!”

Essie, however, nailed it when she said: “Ha ha! That’s ridiculous! I definitely would not buy this. I bet it’s expensive as well! No way – not for me, thanks. My hubby don’t get to go up my foo foo when I’m pregnant, so I wouldn’t put that up it!!!”

So what do you think? (Although we think we can guess…!)

Would you be tempted to put a Babypod on your Christmas list (they cost just under £90) or are you thinking er, no way, ta very much!? Do let us know in the comments below…

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