Your B-day count down – TWO weeks to go

Read our three part countdown to a stress-free Birth day


It’s all very well trying to sleep, but it’s so hard to get comfy! Try a warm bath before bed, then lie on your side with a pillow under your bump and between your legs. Or use a pregnancy pillow, such as the Big V Maternity and Nursing Pillow, £39.90, from John Lewis. You may get cramps, like period pains, known as Braxton Hicks, these are practice contractions. Unlike real contractions, Braxton Hicks generally taper off or disappear altogether.


Two weeks to go

  • Swot up on pain relief and check what’s on offer at the hospital or birth centre you’re hoping to attend.
  • Prepare for labour by eating high-energy complex carbs, such as wholewheat pasta, bread and cereals, plus proteins such as chicken, fish and pulses.
  • Get measured for a nursing bra. You’ll need at least four – choose black, white or flesh for all occasions!

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