Your pre-birth ‘to-do’ list

Make the most of the time you have before your baby arrives with our helpful list of things to do...


Sleep Spend a whole day in bed and savour your sleep ! Lie-ins will be a thing of the past when your baby arrives…


Exercise Keep active, but don’t overdo it. If you feel too tired or out of breath, stop. But as long as your midwife agrees, 30 minutes of light exercise a day can help reduce cramps and backache, help you sleep better and reduce stress. Swimming, walking and light jogging are all good forms of third trimester exercise for mums-to-be.

Be prepared This Boy Scout motto applies to pregnancy too! Only 5% of women actually give birth on predicted due dates, so it’s a good idea to have a hospital bag packed well in advance. If you’re driving to the hospital, don’t forget change for the car park.

Learn how to use all your gadgets You don’t want to be struggling with the folding mechanism on your new pram while battling sleep deprivation. Trust us on this one!

Go shopping Buy some post-pregnancy clothes. It’s best to keep purchases baby-friendly, but buy at least one item that makes you feel great when you put it on. Whether it’s an on-trend maxi or a pretty scarf, buy it because you love it, not because it’s practical.

Go to the cinema After your baby arrives, you won’t have time to see a current movie. Be careful, though, because sitting in a darkened room will mean only one thing to your body – sleep!

Cook your favourite dishes and freeze them You’ll feel confident that you’re eating well and it’s much cheaper than takeaways, too.

Treat yourself A manicure, pedicure, eyelash tint or leg wax will help you feel ready to face the labour ward.

Research baby groups in your area For example, Tiny Talk run signing classes for babies across the UK, teaching you and your baby sign language. You will also really appreciate having other new mums to talk to – plus, it’s a whole new support group.

Stock up Trips to the supermarket with a newborn are going to become even more of a chore than they are already. Stock up on essentials and set yourself up for online shopping. Don’t forget tea and biscuits for the army of visitors you’ll soon be receiving!

Upgrade your digital camera ‘They grow up so fast’ is more than just a cliché! Ensure you are prepared to snap away at every opportunity – these are memories you’ll want to cherish forever, and show your little one, too.

Spend time with friends You might get the chance to give friends your full attention for a while with a newborn around, so arrange plenty of dates beforehand to enjoy each others company.

Make the most of being pregnant Enjoy the feeling of that little life growing inside you, being offered a seat on the bus, and the odd guilt-free sweet treat – your waistline’s expanding anyway, right?

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