Your pregnancy exercise workout – pelvic tilt

Help your lower back and ease muscle tension with this prenatal exercise.

Pelvic tilt – ‘action’ sees you lift your arms, as you tilt your pelvis

This prenatal pelvic tilt exercise was designed by Pushy Mothers, the Buggy Workout creators, for our sister publication Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine. All you’ll need is your dining chair…


Pelvic tilt – a chair exercise

What it does: Loosens your lower back and relieves muscular tension.

Get set: Sit tall on a chair with your weight on your ‘sit’ bones (the bony bits you sit on), spine in neutral (explained below) and hands resting on your thighs. Your feet should be hip-width apart, and knees over ankles.

Action: Breathe IN to prepare, and as you breathe OUT, draw your baby bump towards your spine by pulling your tummy in. Tilt your pelvis to draw the pubic bone up towards the breastbone. Lift arms parallel to your shoulders. Breathe IN and slowly uncurl back to the ‘Get set’ position.


  • Use the tummy action to create the movement, and don’t ‘grip’ your bottom.
  • Avoid sinking in your upper body – keep your spine long.
  • Keep the movement small and isolated to the pelvis.
  • Do the exercise slowly and with control.

What does ‘neutral spine’ mean?

‘Neutral Spine’ (referred to in the exercise) means the natural alignment of the spine – that’s the inward curve of the lower back and neck, and the outward curve of the ribs. In this position, equal weight is distributed along the length of the spine, minimising stress to the body. Aim to adopt this position as often as possible throughout the day.

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