Forum acronyms and abbreviations

Wondering what AF or TTC means? We’ve made a list of the most commonly used acronyms on our site, plus their meanings


If you’re new to parenting forums, the language used can be unfamiliar – reading DPO, AF and EBF for the first time can be alienating. I mean, WTF?!


So here is a list of commonly used acronyms and abbreviations.

Do let us know if there’s any we’ve missed that you think we should add.

2WW: Two week wait after ovulation when trying to conceive

AF: Aunt Flo (your period)

AI: Artificial insemination

AID: Artificial insemination with donor sperm

AIH: Artificial insemination with partner’s sperm

BBT: Basal body temperature

BIL: Brother-in-law

BFN: Big fat negative pregnancy test result

BFP: Big fat positive pregnancy test result

CC: Controlled crying

CD: Cycle day

CM: Cervical mucus

DA: Dairy allergy

DW, DH, DD, DSD, DS, DSS, DP, DB, DF: Dear wife, dear husband, dear daughter, dear step-daughter, dear son, dear step-son, dear partner, dear boyfriend, dear fiancé(e) (and so on)

DI: Donor insemination

DPO: Days past ovulation

EA: Egg allergy

EBM: Expressed breast milk

EP: Ectopic pregnancy

EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus

EWMD: Egg white milky discharge

FIL: Father-in-law

FMU: First morning urine (for a pregnancy test)

FYI: For your information

GA: Gluten allergy

GYN: Gynaecologist

HPT: Home pregnancy test

HTH: Hope this helps

IC: Internet cheapie (pregnancy test)

IMO/ IMHO: In my opinion/in my humble opinion

IUI: Intrauterine insemination

IVF: In vitro fertilisation

LH: Lutenizing hormone

LI: Lactose intolerant

LOL: Laugh out loud

MIL: Mother-in-law

MC: Miscarriage

MS: Morning sickness

O: Ovulation

OH: Other half

OB: Obstetrician

OHSS: Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome

PA: Peanut allergy

PG: Pregnant

PCOS: Polycystic ovarian syndrome

POAS: Pee on a stick

SAHM: Stay-at-home mum

SB: Still birth

SO: Significant other

TIA: Thank you in advance

TMI: Too much information

TTC: Trying to conceive

UTD: Up the duff

U/S: Ultrasound

WAHM: Working at home mum

WTH: What the heck

WTF: What the f…


Hopefully you found this useful and not TMI…


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