10 best performing 1/2/3 car seats

The top-performing Group 1/2/3 car seats that will grow with your child from 9 months to 12 years, chosen from our rigorous MFM tests and reader reviews


But first, a quick guide explaining what a 1/2/3 car seat actually is…

There are currently multiple car seat groups in the UK that range from Group 0/0+ (newborn) to Group 2/3 (4-12 years). While many parents do it, buying a new car seat for every stage can get expensive.


However, there are also combination, or multi-group car seats that cover a range of the groups.  A Group 1/2/3 combination car seat is suitable from 9kg to 36kg, which is roughly 9 months to 12 years.

While multi-stage, particularly Group 1/2/3 seats are increasing in popularity among parents, it is worth bearing in mind a few pros and cons of the multi-group seat, which we’ve listed here.  


Jané Grand, £240 – MadeForMums Gold Award Winner for best multistage and combination car seats

Age: 9 months to 36kg (9 months – 12 years)

Recline: 3 positions

Installation: Group 1 – using ISOFIX anchors and top tether; group 2-3 – using vehicle 3-point seatbelt and (optionally) ISOFIX anchors

Weight of seat: 14kg

Jané takes safety seriously, and even has its own research and testing centre, which is where the thoroughly tested, gold award- winning Grand was created.

The seat has an impressive life span, lasting from around 9 months up to 12 years old, and a host of super-safe features. Made from impact-absorbing materials, it fits easily into the car using Isofix, and has an easy-to-use five-point harness for little ones.

There are three recline positions and an adjustable backrest and headrest so you can find the perfect position to keep your child comfortably settled in their seat. And if your wee passenger has an accident (or a snacks-ident!) you can remove and wash the upholstery. 

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Jané Grand:

“I really like this. Design wise it is stunning, not overly complicated. It has a deep, wide seat for the comfort of the child.” Baby-wearing expert and mum of 2, Rachel Coy

“What a fantastic product! Firstly, it looks great. The materials are all really high quality and the little leather and suede touches make it really smart looking. My son thinks now calls it his ‘sports car seat’ and is excited to climb into it (no more wrestling!). It was so quick and easy to install, and using the Isofix anchors and indicators meant my mind was put completely at ease that it was safely installed. The seat itself is quite deep, creating more leg room and making it very comfortable – perfect for long journeys and growing children. It is excellent value for money!” Mum of 2, Rachel

You can buy the Jané Grand from: Preciouslittleone


Cosatto Hug, £244.95

Age: 9kg – 36kg (9mths – 12yrs)

Recline: 5 positions

Installation: Group 1 – using ISOFIX anchors and top tether; group 2-3 – using vehicle 3-point seatbelt

Weight of seat: 11kg

Cosatto describes the Hug as a tough, protective “first class bodyguard for your VIP” with sturdy safety features such as extra-cushioned side impact protection, and an anti-escape five-point harness. The luxurious upholstery comes in a range of standout prints, including gorgeous florals and groovy stars.

Read our review of the Cosatto Hug here.

You can buy the Cosatto Hug from: Kiddies Kingdom, Amazon and Pramworld.


Cybex Pallas M-Fix, £260

Age: 9kg – 36kg (9mths – 12yrs)

Recline: 12 positions

Installation: Isofix or vehicle 3-point seatbelt

Weight of seat: 9.3kg

Looking like it could upgrade the appearance of even the sportiest of cars, the Pallas M-Fix comes in an array of dazzling colours and is one of the nicest looking car seats on the market.

Opting for a cushioned impact shield instead of a safety harness while in Group 1 mode, the Pallas M-Fix can then be used with an adult seat belt in stages 2 and 3, like all 1/2/3 car seats.

But where the Cybex version differs is with its safety tests and awards – it has won many.  And its safety performance in accidents has been rated excellent throughout its entire lifespan by German safety organisation ADAC and motor magazine Auto Bild.

Here’s the full review of the Pallas M-Fix

You can buy the Cybex Pallas M-Fix from: Direct2Mum, Mothercare and Amazon.


Graco Nautilus, £159.99

Age: 9kg – 36kg (9mths – 12yrs)

Recline: 3 positions

Installation: Vehicle 3-point seatbelt 

Weight of seat: 9kg

A very affordable, long-lasting Group 1/2/3 seat, the Graco Nautilus took our silver award in the 2017 multistage car seat category.

The forward-facing car seat has side impact protection, 5-position headrest, and three- position recline.

It’s simple to fit in the car, easy to adjust between the ages and comes with a cup holder and storage pocket that the kids will no doubt love.

Our MadeForMums reviewers say “although this is a forward-facing option only seats, it is nicely-padded and good height for taller children.  I love the no thread feature when you adjust the head height. I also love the cup holder, it looks like an actual seat rather than a chair.”

See our review of the Graco Nautilus


You can buy the Graco Nautilus from: Amazon and Halfords.

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