Cool high chairs

We’ve found 10 of the best funky high chairs that combine function with stylish form. Forget ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – you’ll be in no rush to fold and stow these stunning high chairs away.


Once your baby’s around 6 months, feeding takes on a new dimension. Not only can you start to wean your baby onto solids, you can use a high chair. From here on in, feeding starts to look a little more like ‘mealtime’ – there will be the inevitable spillages, but we've got lots of tips to make the mess less stressful. While a style-savvy high chair won’t guarantee any more food actually makes in into your baby’s mouth, it’ll at least be easy on the eye.

With price tags ranging from £12 (yes, really) to over £200, click through to find the funky high chair that’ll work for you and don't miss our guide to the key highchair styles and step-by-step advice for buying a high chair.


Cosatto 3Sixti, £149.99

As the name suggests, the Cosatto 3Sixti offers 360-degree six-position swivel. It has a removable tray so you can include you baby at the family dinner table when you wish. The easy-to-use gas height positioner helps you get the perfect height for your table, too.

This high chair doesn’t fold away, but you’ll probably be happy to show it off. Its simple good-looking design also means no awkward corners to clean.

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Brother Max Scoop, £220

Minimalist and mod, the Brother Max Scoop can rotate 360 degrees – ideal for little ones who twist, squirm and turn to avoid the spoon! It uses a foot pump operated pneumatic lift to give you multiple height positions, and can be used until your child is 5 years old.

While large, the Scoop isn’t meant to be hidden away. It’s designed to take a starring role in your kitchen. And if you do need to shift it, it has castors.

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Phil & Teds Highpod, £199

One of the Highpod’s most unique features is that it can be used from birth, not 6 months. It is modern in looks and those sleek contours are easy to clean. The moulded seat liner is made from a material called aerocore – it’s light, free from crevices, hypo-allergenic, waterproof, supportive and cushioning.

The five height positions and removable tray make it ideal for up-to-the-table feeing, too.

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Chicco I-Sit Highchair, £269

While the price isn’t cheap, the I-Sit from Chicco is designed for use from 6 months through to adulthood, so you get a whole lot of bang for your buck. It doesn’t fold away, so if you invest in this, it’s because you want to make a stylish statement.

MFM’s review finds the I-Sit at its best when used for up-to-the-table feeding (giving a better fit than any other she’s trialled) and as a ‘proper’ chair. However, you can use it with the tray if you prefer.

The I-Sit feels sturdy and solid, too – exactly what you want from a lifelong piece.

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OXO Tot Sprout highchair, £200

The OXO Tot Sprout is chic and beautifully made, with the smooth design preventing food from becoming trapped. So, full marks for looks and ease of cleaning. The one-handed tray removal, and the tray’s ability to sit level once removed so mess doesn't spill, all add to the easy cleaning.

It can’t be folded away (with these looks, why hide?), but it has a compact footprint. It boasts three levels of seat height and depth and four footrest settings, with the ability to convert to a child’s dining child for use up to 5 years.

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Concord Spin, £124.99

Extremely portable, and touting itself as the most compact high chair in the world, the Concord Spin can be folded away into its own robust bag.

No construction is required when you get the smart-looking Spin – it all folds out easily step-by-step from a very small size.

This cleverly compact high chair can also be used with or without the tray. When not in use, the tray tucks neatly away into the seat back.

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Baby Bjorn Appetite, £179.99

With its clean, contemporary minimalism, the Baby Bjorn Appetite doesn’t even use a harness to hold your baby in, but a clever central pillar. The adjustable tray can also be positioned close to your baby’s body, and it curves around to stop any sideways falls.

This high chair is easy to fold and folds flat, which is handy for those tight on space or often heading away. It’s only suitable up to 2 years, so buy it early and use it loads to get your money’s worth.

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Bloom nano urban high chair, £100

You might know Bloom best for its striking Fresco highchair, but Bloom has another feeding option in its range - the nano urban. Chic, curvy and modern, the Bloom nano urban high chair looks good on display but also folds and locks shut for storage. When folded, it’s almost completely flat.

The 3-position tray and safety bar can be removed completely if you want your baby to join in family mealtimes. And coming in shades such as midnight black, coconut white, henna brown, harvest orange, rock red, and gala green, your interior décor won’t suffer with its presence.

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IKEA Antilop, £12

Beautifully minimal and at a budget price, the IKEA Antilop truly adheres to the idea ‘keep it simple’.

The IKEA Antilop does all you need a high chair to do, and nothing that isn’t essential. It has just one sitting and height position. The fuss-free design means no places for food to get trapped, and cleaning takes no time at all.

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My Child Tiko High chair, £79.99

This high chair gets its funky status as much from the way it folds as for its overall look. MFM’s reviewer describes this as “idiot-proof when it comes to putting up and folding away.” Head to the review for a view of it when collapsed flat.

It feels secure when used and the faux leather seat offers a burst of colour (chocolate, lime or cherry) and comfort.


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