No matter how well our children get on, petty squabbles, constant bickering or vying for a parent’s attention can make mummy or daddy’s day a long one. Here is our list of top 5 books to nip those sibling spats in the bud


5 great books about sibling rivalry...

1.The Squirrels Who Squabbled


This is a fun story that can be used to take out the heat of a competitive situation. Two very hungry squirrels are racing to find the last nuts of the seasons, each eager to win the prize.

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But it eventually becomes clear, that the only way to bag the food is to work together. Will they be able to put their desire to win aside in order to scoop the goods?

Great fun and a light rhyming text that fairly rattles along as the pair race through the forest. Offers a good lesson in one-upmanship and team work.

Age: 3+

Price: £6.99

Available from: World Of Books

2. Princess Puffybottom… and Darryl


Here is a very funny tale telling of Princess Puffybottom’s despair once cute puppy Darryl arrives. Puffybottom has a very cushy life and is in no mood to play second fiddle to little dog.

She tries everything to get rid of him – including hypnosis – but it’s no good, it would appear Darryl is in her life forever.

This is a great title for siblings at war, taking a fun look at how silly some peevish acts can be and how in the end it’s often easier just to co-exist.

Age: 3+

Price: £14.99

Available from: Amazon

3. I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won


Even the most adorable of siblings have their faults, as we find in the wonderful I’ve Won, No I’ve Won, No I’ve Won(Penguin Books) by Lauren Child, featuring everyone’s favourite brother and sister - Charlie and Lola.

Charlie is used to letting little sis Lola win at most games, but one day he devises a game in which there can be only one victor – himself.

However, things don’t go to plan and lessons are learned about the nature of brother and sisterly love. The whole series is ideal for siblings – super stories with clever themes and plots – and I would recommend Whoops! But It Wasn’t Me, should an older sibling bring home a valuable school project.

Age: 3+

Price: £6.99

Available from: Penguin Random House

4. What brothers do best


A lovely book to encourage friendship between siblings is Laura Numeroff Munsinger’s story What Brothers Do Best (Chronicle Books).

This is a very gentle tale (in board book form, so suitable for very young children) written from a younger brother’s perspective outlining all the positive things a big brother can do such as take you on trips, play with you and so on.

This is an ideal book for reading at the end of a trying day spent separating warring children.

Age: 2+

Price: £6.99

Available from: Wordery

5. My Naughty Little Sister


And finally, one for anyone who is coping with a ‘challenging’ younger sibling. We adore Dorothy Edwards’ My Naughty Little Sister in our house, as the children in the book very much mirrored the characters of my son (first born, always sensible and reliable) and my middle (at the time youngest) child (tantrummy, stubborn and a lot of fun).

The stories are so heartwarming, funny and memorable and once again offer the perfect way to end a stressful day. Highly recommended.

Age: 3+

Price: £5.99

Available from: Amazon

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