Blasters can be great fun for teenagers, but they can also cause concern for parents. Not only do the foam darts used with traditional blasters often get lost, but the play potential of many blasters can be somewhat limited considering their cost.


The Surge Blaster by Gelblaster offers a range of features designed to improve upon traditional blasters on the market, and it could just be the perfect choice for your 14+ teen.

What is a Gelblaster?

Gelblaster is the company behind the innovative Surge Blaster. The Surge Blaster uses water based non-toxic “gellets” that evaporate after impact. They leave no stains or marks and save teens and parents having to clean up foam darts from around the garden.

Unlike traditional blaster ammo which is difficult to carry and reload, the Surge Blaster gellets are easy to reload using the collapsible Gellet depot accessory. In the depot, players can store up to 10,000 gellets allowing them to reload at a moments notice using the built-in gellet speed loader.

It also uses USB-C charging with a battery that lasts for up to 4 hours, saving you money on the batteries that most traditional blasters usually require. The blaster also comes with safety glasses for added protection during use.

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Brody, 14, who tried out the Surge Blaster for us, said, “The blaster was really good, it shoots really fast and can make my mum run faster than I have ever seen her run!”

Gel Blaster Surge XL DayAndNight

What age are gel blasters suitable for?

The Surge Blaster by Gelblaster is suitable for ages 14+ as the gellets do hurt more than traditional foam darts. You can turn the power up or down to adjust the sting.

Unlike many more expensive blasters, the Surge Blaster also comes with a range of features and accessories designed to offer a range of ways to play. Read on for some of our favourite Surge Blaster games.

Team games

One of the best ways to play with the Surge Blaster is a team game. This could be anything from your teenager and their friends forming two squads, or maybe even a parent vs. teenagers game. You can swap out the colourful fins on the top of the blasters with other colour options (purchased separately) so each team can have customised blasters. There are also a range of different coloured gellets on offer to help you keep track of your teammates mid-game.

Ammo drop

One particular game you could try involves the Gellet depot we mentioned earlier. Each player starts with no ammo in their blaster and has to track down and reload using the gellets stored in the depot. This game mode is perfect for Fortnite fans wanting for more of a strategic challenge.

Single strike

Want to make games even more challenging? You can set the Surge Blaster to fire a single gellet at a time as opposed to its automatic mode making each shot count. This also makes keeping track of used gellets easier: great if you’re in a smaller space.

Glowing showdown

Using the new glow-in-the-dark Starfire blaster is a great way to remove the element of stealth when playing in teams. There’s no place to hide when both teams are equipped with glow-in-the-dark blasters and gellets making it easier to track opponents.

Target practice

Not sure about team games? Then target practice is a great way to play. Line up anything from old toilet paper tubes to empty cans at one end of the garden and then your teenager can blast them from a safe distance. There’s also the Gelblaster Portal Smart Targeting System, an awesome accessory that allows players to track their score using the app. It also comes with a range of game modes that allow your teenager to face off against their friends to see who can land the high score

In terms of using the blaster safely, a spokesperson from Currys says, "The GelBlasters gellets are non-toxic and are designed to expand in water to the required size for the Blasters. The gellets disperse on impact and the residue dissolves to leave no mess or residue. We suggest using the Surge Blaster outside when using the white barrel and use the orange barrel that reduces the gellets velocity by 40% specifically for younger players. Gellets that do not disperse will reduce down from their hydrated state down to their tiny, unhydrated size. The Gellets contain only water and starch polymer, a non micro plastic, and are not harmful whatsoever to pets and wildlife.”



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