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10 of the best kids' Christmas crackers

Our pick of the best Christmas crackers for kids to bring fun, laughter, and festive cheer to your dinner table this Christmas. Perform magic tricks, race pigs in blankets or play a sweet symphony on the xylophone…

Christmas crackers for kids

Have you decided what Christmas crackers you are going to buy this year? With so much to think about in the lead up to Christmas, your choice of family Christmas crackers may not be at the top of your list. However, no festive table is complete without crackers. They not only add a touch of colour, but with the large range of children’s Christmas crackers available they can also entertain the whole family. There is nothing better than sharing laughter and creating funny memories around the dinner table with your whole family.


Christmas crackers no longer have to be filled with boring throwaway toys, bad jokes, or something that will be put away in a drawer to never be found again – who can ever actually find those mini screwdrivers when you need them? There is now such a large variety of kids’ Christmas crackers on offer to make your festive table that bit more exciting and fun. You could race pigs in blankets, bowl gingerbread or even make your own.

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What to consider when buying Christmas crackers for kids

Eco credentials – Throughout the large variety of children’s Christmas crackers on offer there is now also the option go environmentally friendly. You can buy crackers that use less or even no plastic and use recyclable packaging. Alternatively, there is always the option to purchase a kit to make your own crackers.

Small parts – When buying Christmas crackers for your children make sure you check whether they are age suitable, for example, some Christmas crackers contain very small parts which could be a choking hazard under the age of 3.

Colour and appearance – There are many colours and designs to choose from when it comes to buying your family Christmas crackers. Consider which crackers would look best on your festive table.

What’s inside – Christmas crackers now come with lots of different things inside. You can buy crackers with more traditional toys, fun games, musical crackers and much more.

Best Christmas crackers for kids

1. Lakeland Racing Pigs in Blankets Crackers, £19.99 for 6

– Best for competitiveness

Lakeland Racing Pigs in Blankets Crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Racing toy | Age suitability: 3+ years

Are pigs in blankets one of your favourite parts of your Christmas dinner? Why not get pigs in blankets crackers too? You can get out the racing mat and compete with your family to see whose little piggy will make it to the finish line first.

Each cracker contains a pull-back racing pig in blanket. The pack of 6 adorably designed crackers featuring little pig faces also comes with a fabric racetrack and storage pouch.

Available from: Amazon and Lakeland

2. Kuckoo Balloon Game Christmas Crackers, £17.95 for 6

–Best for older kids

Kuckoo balloon game Christmas crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Balloon modelling | Age suitability: 8+ years

If your child is slightly older and fancies learning a new skill after their delicious roast dinner, why not try balloon modelling? The whole family can take part and create lots of fun balloon models, starting from a balloon hat and, depending on how skilled you are, ending with and octopus.

Each cracker contains 6 modelling balloons each, a party crown and a joke. The box also comes with one balloon pump. Have fun with your family competing who can make the best balloon model. However, take care with children under 8 years old, as uninflated or broken balloons can be a choking hazard.

Available from: Amazon

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo & Friends Crackers, £3 for 4

–Best for a sweet treat

Cadbury Christmas crackers

Number of crackers: 4 | Hats and Jokes: No | Gift type: Chocolate

If you want more than just a toy in your kids’ Christmas cracker, try these Cadbury’s crackers which contain a Freddo chocolate gift and a toy! There’s nothing better than a sweet treat to finish off your Christmas dinner. These crackers contain a selection of the best Cadbury treats; Dairy Milk Freddo, Curly Wurly treatsize and caramel milk chocolate.

Available from: Amazon, Tesco, and Ocado

4. Tom Smith- Kraft Premium Crackers, £15 for 6

–Best eco conscious choice

Tom Smith Crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Wooden keepsake

If you want to indulge this Christmas but also want to help the planet, these Tom Smith premium crackers may be just what you need. Crackers can be a controversial topic due to all the plastic they use and waste they cause, so why not buy eco-friendly crackers and teach your child the importance of saving the planet?

Each cracker contains an all-wooden keepsake gift, a hat, snap, and motto and are made without any single-use plastic materials, glitter, or plastic decorations.

If that isn’t enough, these environmentally friendly crackers just keep giving (literally)! For every box of crackers purchased a donation will be made to the Trussell Trust, a charity focused on trying to put an end to hunger and poverty throughout the UK. Christmas is a time all about giving after all, so why not give to the less fortunate this year?

Available from: Amazon

5. Personalised Fabric Reusable Christmas Crackers, £70 for 4

–Best for that added personal touch

Personalised fabric reusable Christmas crackers

Number of crackers: 4 minimum | Hats and Jokes: No | Gift type: Fill with own gift

Although these crackers don’t snap (you open them by untying the ribbon either side), they make a stunning keepsake to use each Christmas for years to come. Although these crackers seem expensive, they are actually rather cost efficient as you can reuse these each year.

They’re made from soft satin and can be personalised to make a child feel special with any phrase on the front or inside. Each one comes empty so you can fill them with any treats of your choice – and they are washable in case of food stains.

Available from: Not on the High Street

6. Pack of 6 Make Your Own Christmas Crackers DIY Kit, £7.49

–Best for crafty kids

Make your own Sant crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Fill with own gift

Why not get the kids involved in making the crackers this year? Instead of going out and buying Christmas crackers, extend the fun by making them yourself. This is a fun festive activity to entertain your kids in the lead up to Christmas.

This kit contains 6 make your own crackers, ribbon ties, hats, forfeits, and snaps. Each cracker has a cute, animated Santa design, decorated with red stars and a write-on printed tag so you can personalise your homemade crackers too.

Available from: Amazon

7. Pastel Swirl Xylophone Crackers - £32 for 8

–Best for music lovers

Xylophone Crackers

Number of crackers: 8 | Hats and Jokes: No | Gift type: Xylophone key | Age suitability: 3+ years

These stunning pastel crackers would look gorgeous on any festive table. However, they are much more than just pretty looking crackers. Each cracker comes with a xylophone key so the whole family can have great fun combining them to play Christmas songs and carols. Create beautiful melodies and memories with your family this Christmas.

This pack of 8 crackers comes with stickers, conductor’s baton, song sheet, and xylophone set. Due to the small parts contained, take care with small children.

Available from: Selfridges

8. Kuckoo Magic Game Christmas Crackers, £13.95 for 6

–Best for magic lovers

Kuckoo magic game Christmas crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Magic trick | Age suitability: 3+ years

If you want to create some excitement after your Christmas dinner, these magic crackers will do just that. Each person receives a magic trick, a tissue crown, and a joke. You can go round the table taking it in turns to perform your magic trick, shocking and amazing all your loved ones.

Make sure you don’t reveal the secret, magicians never tell! These crackers are a great option for slightly older children who want to show off their skills to the whole family.

Available from: Amazon

9. Lakeland Gingerbread Bowling Crackers, £19.99 for 6

–Best for getting the whole family up

Lakeland Gingerbread Bowling Crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Bowling pin

Do you want crackers to get the whole family up from the dinner table? These beautifully designed gingerbread and candy cane crackers will do just that. Each cracker contains an adorable wooden gingerbread bowling pin, hat, joke, and snap. Included in the set is a felt bowling alley board and a bowling ball.

Pull your crackers, put all the gingerbread bowling pins out and compete with your family to see who can knock the most pins down. This game can be used again and again, you can bring it out every Christmas to continue the fun.

Available from: Amazon and Lakeland

10. Unicorn Glitter Small Crackers, £23 for 6

–Best for unicorn-crazy kids

Unicorn glitter small crackers

Number of crackers: 6 | Hats and Jokes: Yes | Gift type: Hair clip

Meri Meri produces some great stand-out crackers and, although they do come at a cost, your little ones are sure to love them. These sparkling unicorn crackers are sweet and stylish and will add a pop of glitter to your festive table and, with their yarn manes and tails, they really look the part, too.

The cute enamel hair clip gifts featuring unicorns, stars, hearts and rainbows are good-quality and make a great keepsake post-Christmas.


Available from: Meri Meri and Amazon


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