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Best Easter craft kits for kids

From Easter cookie kits to birdhouse decorating, cross stitch sets and more, we've got the best Easter craft kits to buy starting from £3

Best Easter crafts

Chocolate, hot cross buns, flowers blooming – what’s not to love about Easter time?


We know kids will be eagerly awaiting the Easter bunny’s arrival, so we’ve found some creative kits to keep them busy in the meantime. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Easter bonnet, a classic card or something a little tastier, we should have an Easter craft kit your kids will love.

Most of the sets in our list below can be used as a family, making them a great bank holiday activity to enjoy all together.

Plus, if you’re looking for more themed ideas to keep little ones busy, we’ve also rounded up some of the best Easter egg making kits as well as tried and tested Easter craft ideas. If your child gets too much chocolate, you could try buying them a non-chocolate Easter gift.

Best Easter craft kits at a glance

  • Best for creativity: Easter Bumper Craft Pack, £6
  • Best for younger kids: Make Your Own Easter Felt Scene, £3
  • Best for making something that lasts: Paint You Own Egg Money Box, £3.50
  • Best for edible crafts: Decorate Your Own Easter Egg Cookie Set, from £10
  • Best for crafts on the go: The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Sticker & Colouring Book, £3.99
  • Best for decorating: Talking Tables Easter Paper Chains, £6
  • Best eco-friendly craft: Dekewe Easter Wood Ornaments, £9.99
  • Best for wearable crafts: Funny Bunny Easter Colour In Top With Fabric Pens, £18.50
  • Best for a more challenging craft: Easter Colour-in Cross Stitch Kits, £6.95
  • Best for nature lovers: DIY Wooden Bird House, £14.99

Here’s our pick of the best Easter craft kits

1. Easter Bumper Craft Pack, £6

– Best for creativity

This Giant Bag of Easter craft allows kids to be creative and make anything they like with 350+ pieces. They can create anything from a pipe cleaner bunny to a handmade Easter card.

The set includes assorted card, assorted tissue paper, pipe cleaners, foam pieces, assorted wiggle eyes, sequins, string, lollipop sticks, envelopes, craft glue and glitter pens, all packaged in a zip-lock closure bag.

This set would be perfect for entertaining your child through the Easter holidays, and you’ll probably have plenty left for summer too.

Pros: Lots of pieces to make whatever you like
Cons: No inspiration as to what to make

Available from: The Works

2. Make Your Own Easter Felt Scene, £3

– Best for younger kids

This felt board with assorted shapes is great for younger children to create fun Easter scenes and let their creativity run wild.

The kit contains 1 felt board and 78 assorted felt shapes to make animals, eggs and other seasonal designs.

Once the scene is created, they can display it however they like until they want to change the scene, in which time all the felt can be removed and reapplied.

Pros: Great for younger kids, no mess
Cons: May not be suitable for older children

Available from: The Works

3. Paint Your Own Egg Money Box, £3.50

– Best for making something that lasts

This is probably the only Easter egg that will outlast the bank holiday weekend! The blank ceramic egg arrives ready to decorate with a set of 6 paints and a brush, so you shouldn’t need to add anything else to get kids started.

The ceramic money box can then be kept and used to store pennies up – to buy more chocolate, or something a bit more long-lasting!

Pros: The finished product is practical and can be used for a many years
Cons: Could be very messy

Available from: Hobby Craft

4. Decorate Your Own Easter Egg Cookie Set, from £10

– Best for edible crafts

This is a great painting kit which kids can eat at the end. The set includes cookies in 2 different flavours along with a set of edible paint. You’ll also receive a brush, instructions and even a certificate for once the hard work is done (and the eating can begin!).

The cookies can also be frozen until needed and instructions for freezing are included.

Pros: Can be eaten, different flavoured cookies
Cons: Slightly more expensive

Available from: Etsy

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Easter Sticker & Colouring Book, £3.99

– Best for crafts on the go

If you’re after crafts for kids to do in the car or maybe at someone else’s house, T=this Easter sticker and colouring book will keep them entertained without making any mess.

They can follow The Very Hungry Caterpillar on an Easter journey through springtime with sticker scenes, puzzles colouring-in and games.

Pros: No mess, good for travel and on the go
Cons: Slightly more expensive

Available from: The Works

6. Talking Tables Easter Paper Chains, £6

– Best for decorating

If you have an Easter party or gathering coming up then this craft will not only entertain the children, but it will also mean you have a great Easter decoration for your house.

The kits contains 100 paper strips in 4 Easter designs: Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks and spring flowers. Simply moisten the loop and stick it together to make either one long paper chain or lots of mini little ones. It’s an easy craft for younger kids that quickly turns into something fun.

Pros: Creates a great decoration
Cons: May not entertain for too long

Available from: John Lewis

7. Dekewe Easter Wood Ornaments, £9.99

– Best eco-friendly craft

These decorations are made from environmentally-friendly wood making this a great eco-friendly craft.

Kids can paint the wooden Easter pendants then with the string provided hang them in their bedroom, around the house or even decorate a tree outside with them. Alternatively, they make an excellent gift tag for any Easter presents you  may be giving this year.

With 40 wooden Easter pendants in 8 different shapes this will keep your child entertained for a long time and could last for years.

Pros: Eco-friendly materials, will keep kids entertained for a long time
Cons: Slightly more expensive than others listed

Available from: Amazon

8. Funny Bunny Easter Colour In Top With Fabric Pens, £18.50

– Best for wearable crafts

A creative activity as well as a stylish and completely unique top, this colour-in tee is a slightly different take on the usual Easter craft kits.

There are 6 coloured fabric pens included along with a practice sheet so little ones can test out their design before they begin. Once the design is on the top, it can either be left to cure in the air for 24 hours or ironed by parents to set the colour in.

It’s available for ages 2 to 12 years old and can be machine washed.

Pros: Creates a fun top that can be worn for years
Cons: Quite expensive

Available from: Not on the High Street

9. Easter Colour-in Cross Stitch Kits, £6.95

– Best for a more challenging craft

This Easter craft kit is an ideal way to also get children familiar with the concept of cross-stitching and to develop their sewing skills.

The spring-themed card templates come with pre-punched holes to thread through the plastic needle and embroidery thread included in the kit.

Finish off by adding some bright colours with your own pens or pencils.

Pros: Challenges kids, will keep them amused for a while
Cons: Not be suitable for younger kids

Available from: Amazon and Baker Ross

10. DIY Wooden Bird House, £14.99

– Best for nature lovers

If your kids love nature then creating a beautiful little house for birds to go in is a lovely activity to keep them entertained this Easter.

The kit contains 3 unpainted birdhouses with 3 strings to hang them and 12 paints along with 3 paint brushes, everything you need to beautifully decorate the birdhouse.

Pros: Can learn about caring for nature, 3 in a set so great for multiple kids
Cons: Quite pricey, paint pots are fiddly

Available from: Amazon


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