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6 of the best Easter egg making kits

Fun chocolate kits and moulds to make your very own Easter eggs this Spring - melt, mould and get creative

Kits and moulds for making Easter Eggs

Easter is a lovely time of year for families. The sun starts to peek out, daffodils are budding and there’s optimism in the air. And the best part? Lots of chocolate!


To help you make the most of the celebrations, we’ve found some of the best chocolate easter egg making kits for you to do with (or without!) the kids.

Not only can it be great fun to make your own Easter egg, it also means less mass-produced eggs to buy at the supermarket.

Plus, some of the sets and moulds we’ve found can be reused year after year, so you can cut down on surplus packaging and waste – all while helping keep little ones entertained.

We’ve also put together a useful guide on how to make your own chocolate Easter egg using moulds, which may come in handy once you’ve bought your kit. Or, for a more traditional activity, take a look at how to make painted Easter eggs.

Here’s our pick of the best Easter egg making kits…

1. Choc on Choc Melt And Make Chocolate Kit, £12

– Best for making with your children

Choconchoc eggheads egg making kit

This fun-looking kit from Choc on Choc is perfect if you want to make Easter Eggs with your children.

The set includes plastic moulds, chocolate buttons for melting down and sweets so kids can decorate their eggs to make them feel truly unique. There’s even a paper chef’s hat included in each kit, too, along with full instructions.

“This chocolate is absolutely gorgeous!” said one reviewer of the Easter Egg making kit on Etsy. Others agreed, describing it as, “excellent quality” and “delicious”.

Available from: Etsy, Selfridges and ChocOnChoc

2. Lakeland Easter Egg Moulds, £3.99

– Best for making eggs filled with little eggs

These moulds are a great reusable way to make your own Easter egg every year. The set includes 1 large egg mould as well as smaller moulding sheets to make a total of 36 miniature eggs.

The kit from Lakeland also includes instructions on how to make your Easter eggs, all you need to add is around 500g chocolate.

Reviewers on Amazon who bought this Easter egg making kit in the past were pleased with the results, although some did mention that getting the final eggs out of the moulds could be tricky. One reviewer recommended using opposite diagonal corners to turn the eggs out.

“We made some amazing filled Easter eggs. If you just wash out with hot water and wipe dry with paper towel they become easier to release the chocolate every time you use them,” said one buyer. “Brilliant! The kids loved making their own eggs! The mini egg moulds were an added bonus,” wrote another parent.

Available from: Lakeland

3. Make Your Own Easter Egg Kits, from £12

– Best for making vegan eggs

This kit from The Easter Egg Kit Co comes with everything you need to make a full size chocolate egg as well as 9 miniature ones and comes in a choice of vegan chocolate as well as traditional chocolate.

Included in the set are the moulds, chocolate for melting, white chocolate icing and sprinkles to decorate.

There are also instructions so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing, plus a  colouring sheet for kids to stay entertained while the eggs are setting. All packaging is also made from paper, so it’s fully recyclable too.

Available from: Not on the High Street

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4. Lakeland Easter Egg Animal, £9.99

– Best for making unusual eggs

Lakeland Easter Egg animal kits

For chocolate eggs with a fun twist, we love this kit from Lakeland which comes with moulds to make your own chocolate animal egg, including eyes, feet and more. You just need to supply the chocolate.

Choose from a hen, bee, fish or rabbit with smaller silicone moulds to make their distinguishing features such as wings or a beak.

Available from: Amazon

5. Melt And Make Hot Chocolate Eggsplosions, £17

– Best for making hot eggs

For an extra special Easter time treat, try this decadent set which is designed for creating delicious hot chocolate eggs.

The set offers a slightly different take on the usual chocolate Easter egg making kit, with “eggsplosions” of treats.

Everything you need is included; chocolate buttons for melting, hot chocolate and marshmallows. There’s even a chef hat for little ones, too.

Available from: Not on the High Street, Etsy

6. BeYumi Pack of 4 Silicone Easter Egg Mould Sets, £14.99

– Best for making eggs for Easter Egg Hunts

Inside this kit you’ll find 4 different trays featuring traditional egg shapes of various sizes and designs as well as fun Easter themed shapes, including baskets and bunnies.

Made from non-toxic, durable silicone they can be used in the fridge, oven and dishwasher without issue and can be reused every year.

Reviewers who had bought is set in the past described it as “excellent” and added it was a “great quality product.”

Available from: Amazon


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